Broken Denim

 Broken Denim.

This set was shot using only natural light in Stefano’s spare room with a reflector used for fill.

No Photoshop either ooohh.

I like to listen to music when I’m modelling depending on what I doing and who is photographing me.

This set was more about feelings and expression through eye-contact and getting across a sinking emotion, as if your feeling bare and revealing ones true self.

The song we played is by one of my favourite Artist right now Jake Bugg ‘Broken’.

I don’t know what is is about this guys voice but it just gets me, Maybe its a realness in his voice which I have’t heard in a while.

If you haven’t checked him out please do :)

Jake Bugg ‘Broken’


Broken help give me a realization to act into, which as a model I find incredibly useful, it always works for me.

Hope you enjoy :)





IMG_0431_lr_900_wide IMG_0432_lr_900_wide

Photographer Stefano Brunesci


Thank you for looking

Carla x