Hola from Barcelona

Hello everyone,

It’s been a while since I blogged so I thought today I will defiantly update it as I am so behind.

I am currently in Barcelona and I am having an absolute blast, weather is amazing, people are lovely, life is good.

I have been working in Paris, Toulouse, and Barcelona and surrounding areas so far, some great photographers and creative people out here, I just love it.

I won’t go on too much; I will let the Images tell the stories.

Work and behind the scenes




Crookie takes us for a crazy drive around Arc de Triomphe

John Peri

ZZZ   8941b

Patrick Roux





Danny Gibert

The Cube Escence


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18102013-18102013-_MG_9387 copy

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18102013-18102013-_MG_9445 copy

18102013-18102013-_MG_9458 copy

18102013-18102013-_MG_9468 copy

Adrian Crook ‘Crookie’

Areys de Munt.

53de57f2-d2a1-44e5-b61c-a8ecee27452d_IMG 2



Thank you all for the continuing support I really appreciate it and I will see you back in the UK next week.

Love Carla



On the road to somewhere

Hello everyone,

Well we are on the road and currently we have visited Clitheroe, Harrogate, Leeds, York, Buckinghamshire and now we just outside of London in Kent.


Touring is a blast, we have met so many lovely people, seen lots of beautiful countryside and I have worked with some fabulous photographers.

Touring in a motorhome is great fun but it also has it challenges as you can image, we have had, Power cuts, broken water pump, broken indicator, dodgy internet connection and some wet, I mean really wet weather (think I need to buy some wellies), all I can say is thank god I married an engineer who can fix things lol.

 All that said we are having a right laugh and I would recommend motor homing to anyone, the peaceful calmness you feel is unreal and the sense of adventure is one not to be missed.

Oh and Alf is loving it, He’s a right one ;)


Here is some of the work I have done since my tour started and we have only just begun, France and Spain to come yet ;)

Grosmont/ Goathland Railway Station Shoot with the Newcastle Lads.

Images by Karl Shaw

Ice Photography in York



The Crazy/Lovely Guys from Idollphamine in Leeds, Latex by Cathouse.

Carla Monaco

Thank you for reading, my next stop is London, then France and then on to Spain.

Look out for my casting.

Thank you for the support,

stay safe

Carla x x x


No Rest for the Wicked

 Just thinking the other day, all the work and travelling I have done the past 18months, it’s a bit ridiculous how my life as changed in the past two years.

I have gone from Nursery nurse in Liverpool, Support worker for mentally ill children, Nanny in Belgium and now model and also married women ;).


(Myself 2 years ago with my beautiful nephew Darren who is starting school tomorrow, time flies and look at that bleach blonde hair lol)

When I began modelling I just did it for me, I wanted to try it out and have some fun.

I didn’t think anything would come out it at all, but now I have a career and a husband and I have adopted an Old English sheep dog, dreams do come true kids lol.

Alf pretending to be doctor who, honest. I didn’t dress him up at all ;)

Well I have been working with some amazing people and I would like to share some of my recent work, hope you enjoy :)

West coast of Wolverhampton with John Barone and Make-up by Becky Hunting.



Karl Baxter Make-up by Penny Grimley

Myself and MUA Sarah from the bank holiday weekend at  John Gannon’s studio in Cheshire after wrapping up.


The Yerbury’s art nude and Boudoir workshop in Pipewell Hall.

Trevor Yerbury and Hair by Faye Yerbury.

Images by Faye Yerbury.

Image by Vic Beachview on the Yerbury workshop.

Adventure begins.


Myself and Adrian are about to start touring Yorkshire, Down south and then off to France/Spain and then wherever our camper takes us.

I am not leaving England for good and will be making trips back for work and to see my family, so look out for dates for casting if you want to book me in your area.

Also look out for our blog about mine, Crookie and Alf’s adventures.

Thank you for the support, for reading and see you soon.

Love Carla xx


Naked Ambition

Naked Ambition

When I started modelling I never intended to do nude, deciding to do nude work is a big step for a model, as you are revealing your whole body, completely out there for everyone to see and judge so I think you must be very confident within yourself, secure and happy to be nude.


I get ask from people, ‘what do your mum and dad think about you doing nude’ and I simply say ‘they are not bothered’ lol. This does not mean they don’t worry about me or care, but they let me live my life, how I want too.


Image taken by Adrian May 2012

Of course they want to know I am happy and safe in what I do, as long as I am then they are cool with what I choose to do.  I think you have to live your life for yourself and not for other people, it’s the only way I believe you be will be truly happy. I couldn’t let anyone stop me from doing what I want to do, I suppose I am lucky I have a family that let me get on with my life and don’t want to stop me from being myself, which is truly liberating and I feel really lucky to be able to do what I want without the people I love judging me for it.

I remember my first time nude on a shoot, it wasn’t actually intended to be a full nude but after doing my first topless shot I just felt comfortable and inspired try a full nude and bearing in mind the concept for the shoot was an editorial fashion nude we stole from who else Kate Moss by Corrine Day (my favourite ever).

 What I love about the first time I did nude, it was my own choice and my own decision; I didn’t do it for money or wanting to be seen as desirable women or because the photographer pushed me but because I wanted to do it for the art of the picture, I wanted to create a great fashion nude with character.

This image is raw, no make-up, actually not the most flattering for me but I felt it was brave and it worked really well and the images are some of my favourite to date.


Image taken April 2012

Photographer my Husband Adrian Crook

I have gone on to develop my nude work, from editorial fashion nude to artistic nude (classy nude ;))

To me being nude for a shoot is just a part of the image, it is becoming that character you create for your work, it’s all about acting really for me, if that means  you are nude then so be it.

The women’s body is beautiful and the shapes, moves and lines we can create is the most wonderful thing, we should celebrate  the art we can achieve with it :)

women statue postcard2

‘Nishe’ Ancient Greek Art

I am lucky enough to work with two of the best Fine Art Nude photographer’s out there, Trevor and Faye Yerbury

Trevor and Faye are the best of the best, they make beautiful images and respect and look after their models, they are wonderful :)

We shot for NPhoto Magazine last month and the issue as just been released, lucky reader Andrew MacDonald won a teaching session with Trevor and Faye and I was the model booked for the shoot.

This issue is great as it gives some great advice in shooting art nude on location


helpful tips on looking after your model,

  rain check that robe lol ,I always forget mine.

1 2 3 5 6 7 7 10 11 12 13 14

 Full sized image are by Andrew MacDonald

I worked again with Trevor and Faye and lovely model RaphaellaWithLove on an art nude workshop last month at Pipewell Hall.

One of the delegates lovely Peter Binnie sent me some of his images from the day and how lovely they are too, All styling and Hair by Faye Yerbury.

hope you enjoy :)

Bridge to beauty

Doorway to elegance

 Hollywood Glamour

The Fireplace

Sunny Times with Crookie.

2013-06-04-12.24 2013-06-04-12.05

I am just going to end on some images me and my husband took during a day out to Blackpool last week. Like most people we tried to make most of the glorious sunshine .

The sun was so bright that Adrian didn’t know if we had something good or not as he couldn’t see on the screen, but the end result were a couple of cool shots that we are both happy with, not bad for  20 minute shoot in the sun.

Thank you for stopping by, enjoy the summer sun, if it’s still out ;)

Love Carla x x x

Group Time and Down the Subway.

So after my travels abroad working, it was back to work at home.

Myself and Crookie  put on a group shoot last Saturday at his studio arc photos in Preston.

The day started at 10am and we wrapped up at 4pm.

Again it was a great day, we had photographers come from Newcastle to Chester, and I am happy to say they all enjoyed the shoot.

The next group shoot is on Saturday 4th May and is now Sold out.

There may be another group shoot at arc photos in June, watch out for announcements.

Thank you to Photographers.

Karl Shaw

Phil Davis

Roy Mateer

Barry From Glamourshotz

Ian Walker

Larry Bedigan

Paul Carr

Here are a collection of shots from the day.



Images Provided by

Karl Shaw

Larry Bedigan

Roy Mateer

Paul Carr-

Subway Vogue.

On Sunday night myself and Adrian went out on the streets of Preston to shoot some Fashion.
We had an idea of what we wanted to shoot so wanted to shoot it fairly quick, as sometimes we get inpatient but I think that is a good thing, Why wait when you can just do it :)

We wanted clean lines, slicked back hair, strong eye make-up and the cigarette gave a cinematic feel to the look. Also we wanted the images to look un-posed and completely natural, and I think we achieved this.
I did my own make-up and hair for the shoot and wore a £7.00 jacket from the newlook sale and a pair of cheap black trousers lol.
You don’t need to spend a lot of money to make things look cool.
The shoot was very cold but it was all worth it as the images are brilliant and just what we wanted.

We were also quite pleased that the vogue Italia website accepted one of the images from the shoot, really cool.

Thank you Crookie for another amazing shoot with the style I love so much :)

Thank you for checking out my blog

Carla :)

Work, Christmas and thank you …..

What a busy and fantastic few weeks it has been for me, with Christmas to plan for and work and family, I defiantly have been a busy bee indeed.

After my South-west tour, I had a few days to chill and relax and refuel, travelling takes it out of you  but we must always remember to rest and make time for ourselves, so I did just that.

I spent time with family and Mr crookie and Alf, I also enjoyed decorating the Christmas tree, we did not have a Christmas fairy to put on the top, so I made my own, Kate moss with a cig, our very own Christmas fairy ;).


I always leave my Christmas shopping to last minute every year, this is my own fault as I am well lazy and hate crowded shoppers. I did brave the Primark the other day though, its hard core in there, nearly got knocked down in the knicker isle in the Preston one, good job I’m hard Liverpudlian lol.

Saturday 8th December.

This was my slot day at arc-photos in Preston, the day was sold out, so I thank all the photographers who came.

Alistair Wright and his friend Donald came all the way from Scotland to shoot, which was really cool and they also gave me two tutus to keep from the shoot, which I was really happy with, shame I can’t dance lol.

Shame I can’t dance :( lol

Here are a selection of just a few images from the day, thank you guys :).

 Image taken by Dave Edwards

Image taken By Peter Mayes.

Image taken by Alistair Wright

Image taken By Robert Turley

Sunday 9th December.

Sunday was another busy day for me at arc-photos, I was shooting with James Wani and Adriana Mirtus.

I was really impressed with James as he drove all the way from London to shoot me in Preston and He is such a lovely chap indeed. We had a really cool fashion shoot and I am glad James enjoyed the shoot and got out of it what he wanted, considering he came all the way from London, thank you  James.

Image taken By James wani Photography

Later on in the day, I was shot by the lovely Adriana, even though on the day she wasn’t well at all and was dosed up on medication, she still came to shoot me, which I thought was really good of her.

Adriana brought along her projector machine and we shot some cool art nude, which different backgrounds from the projector, It was different for me but totally cool and I loved the results from the shoot.- Thank you Adriana.


 Image taken By Adriana Mirtus.

Monday 10th December.

I shot with The lovely Les Auld in Southport, Les was lovely as always and I am glad he liked the shots, as the lighting equipment was giving him hassle throughout the shoot, which is always a pain.

Thank you Les.


Tuesday 11th December.

Tuesday I was in Birmingham shooting with Chris Sinnett, who was nothing but a pleasure to work with. We shot at the Tip Top studios in Birmingham, Chris wanted to do edgy fashion nude style as well as art nude and I think we got some really cool images. Chris is a lot of fun to work with and brought along some jaffa cakes and Chocolate Pretzels, which is always cool, thank Chris.

Wednesday 12TH December.

Wednesday was camera club at Adrian’s studio arc-photos in Preston, I sometimes do it from time to time as it is really great way to network and meet other photographer’s.

This night our model could not make it :( so I step in to do the night and I fully enjoyed it.

All the guys were fun and really good photographer’s and it is great to see them try out new things in photography and learn from each other, which is what camera club is all about.

Check out some of the images from the night.


 Image by Donald Gibbs

Image By Robert Turley

Image By Robert Turley


Image By Iain Noble

Image By Vinny Vessey

Friday 13th December

Friday myself and Adrian, shot our Christmas image that we have wanted to do for sometime.

We took inspiration from a image we came across, with a model wrapped in fairy lights and wanted to produce our own version.

The shot was not an easy one to model I can assure you, The shot was nude and the position I was in on the floor hurt the elbows and giving a good expression at the same time was tough but I am so pleased how it came out. Adrian as per usual as done a great job, he done great with the lighting and getting the image just right, really proud of what we did.


We also did a jeans shoot too, check out the images :)


Monday 17th December.

I did a shoot with the talented photographer Ian Austen, it was a simple step up, me in a Benny Hat and Jeans, what more to you need lol.

Thanks Ian for a great shoot and some really cool images :) check them out.





Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy Birthday, very thoughtful of you all and I had a lovely day with Crookie and Alf, Baileys was consumed and I was very merry hahah.

I have had such a great few weeks, well a great year in-fact, I want to thank everyone who has made my year such a great one.

I have met and worked with so many lovely people, I want to thank you for letting me have such a great career, I never thought I would be doing this job a year ago, so thank you for the support and I wish you all A Very Merry Christmas x x x

Bad weather, Location and a bit of Music :) …

Hello Everyone, 


I have had a busy few weeks, been working with some lovely people I have to say, I am very lucky.

The weather on the other hand is rather awful, rain nearly every day.

I don’t mind the rain too much as long as I am not too cold and my hair doesn’t get wet, as it tends to frizzes like a fuzz ball lol.

There has been lots of floods all over the country, which must be awful and apparently the last few days has seen what is now being called the most intense September storm across the UK in 30 years.

My parents garden back in Liverpool is like a swimming pool.






Even though we have had bad weather I have been able to do a bit of location work, I suppose you just got to grab the bits of good weather while you can.

Last Saturday I did a group shoot here in Preston and we actually got to go outside :).

In the afternoon it was quite warm and the guys on the group shoot got some cool natural light shots, which I was pleased with and I had a great time shooting with them :).

I love shooting on location as I tend to feel more free and at ease, especially when the sun is out :).

I am jealous of people who live in places like California, as they get great weather, lots of sunshine, heat, Hopefully one day I can shoot in a hot country, fingers crossed :).




One of my favourite images from my group shoot on Saturday this shot was Taken by Andrew Hall.






Does anyone like the band The xx, I really like them at the moment, they did an amazing set Live from Bridlington Opera House with a unique performance from the BBC Philharmonic.

I watched it live it was brilliant and I would say defiantly check them out if you have not.

Check out there Stunning live performance on the bbc iplayer, presented by Zane lowe.


 The XX performing Live with the BBC philharmonic



Coming up

I have a busy few weeks coming up, lots of bookings taken place and shoots with some cool photographers :)

I am starting my scottish tour on the 18th october, I will be there till the 22nd :)  touring- Falkirk, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen.



I am also at Banana studio’s in newcastle on the 4th november, check that out :)




Look out for more images from my recent shoots popping up and my new video is coming very soon and I hope you like it lol




Have a goodnight everyone








Carla x x x



Hosptial, Sofa and lots of lovely people x x x

Hey everyone,

Okay so some of you may know that last week I was unwell and had to get an operation at Preston hospital.

Right now I am completely fine and over everything, which is amazing considering last week I could hardly walk lol.

I am going to let  you all know what the problem was, I am not embarrassed at all and I think more women should talk about this as I hear from doctor’s it is quite common and some women are too embarrassed to go to the doctor’s and they suffer more for it, which is really bad as the pain is awful.

I had what is called a Bartholin’s Cyst which is caused by a blocked gland which causes a cyst to develop and then it can becomes infected and very painful.

 If you go to the doctor’s at the beginning of the problem then you have a chance of the cyst going down on it’s own and killing the infection with the medication.

If you leave it and it gets bigger and more infected then you are more likely to have surgery like I had to get it removed.

 The development of the bartholin’s cyst is still unknown and sexually transmitted infection or a bacterial infection is not the cause.

The cyst are common in women of child-baring age and if a cyst develops in a women over 40 years of age then a doctor may administer a biopsy, just to make sure cancer is not present , which is rare.

Lots of women are also scared to go the doctor’s too and suffer in the worse pain, don’t be embarrassed, just get checked out.


Taken by Adrian on his phone, I was less than impressed at the time, But now I can laugh about it lol haha x.


There were sign’s of the condition last sunday, I didn’t realise it was a cyst at all,there was no pain and it was very small, I had some discomfort but nothing major.

I still managed to come up to present to adrian’s studio, carrying a huge case full of clothes, as i had work booked for the Monday, so I was feeling good in myself.

On the Monday morning I was feeling a little tender but still managed to get a shower and do my makeup, but by mid-day, I could hardly walk at all.

The cyst had got bigger and the pain was so bad, I was struggling to get up and was really scared and worried as I didn’t know what it was wrong with me.

Adrian told me he was taking me to A&E, I didn’t want to go at first as I was scared and embarrassed but he made me lol.

We went by taxi to Preston A&E and waited about one hour before getting assessed, then they sent me to the primary care part to get seen by one of the doctor’s. Once I was seen by the doctor and examined, it was clear the problem was a bartholin’s cyst and the doctor told me they are hard to treat unless you catch them early on.

He told me that it was likely I would have to get general anesthetic for it to be removed.

The doctor sent me away with some medication and painkillers, and I was to return on the Wednesday to see if I needed the operation.

By Wednesday I was in the worst pain I have ever been in, I could not walk and I really wouldn’t wish the pain on my worse enemy.

Wednesday the doctor’s decided I needed surgery straight away, so i had to put a gown on and some lovely compression socks lol, and head down to theater.

The operation went well and It was quick, when I came around I was in a little pain but feeling much better as the cyst was gone and it was all over, thank the lord.

Adrian was with me all the way and he really looked after me, I am so grateful for him being with me and it made the whole experience easier to go through when you have someone with you that looks after you and holds your hand :) .

On a funny note, the doctor’s informed me I would need to get some pads or sanitary towels for after the operation.

So while I was recovering in the hospital bed after the operation, Adrian Crook and Ian Austen, went to sainsburys to get me what I needed.

 They told me they had so much fun down the lady isle of tampon’s and pads,  Just the image of them two trying to choose a pack of pads was the funniest thing ever- and yes guys there are so many too choose from.

I then spent the rest of the week recovering on the sofa, Adrian and Alf (Adrian’s gorgeous dog) looked after me and where at my beck and call, lucky me.


Me and Alf last night before the Kate Moss night at arc studios, Alf was my Pete Doherty lol haha x x.


I want to say thank you to all the nurses and doctor’s at Sharoe green unit who looked after me, they were so brilliant, I know we all moan about the NHS at times, but when you need them they are there for you., thank you.

Thank you to all my friends who helped me out and asked about me, very kind of you all.

Thank you to Adrian and Alf <3 <3 <3 x x x

Back to fit health now, working again next week and have a new video coming up, I hope you enjoy.

And ladies check yourself out and do not be scared to go the doctor’s, they are there to help you, don’t suffer in pain.

Thank you for all your support


Carla xxx

If you have any health concearns or want advice at all, contact NHS Direct, there website is x x x




The Dream Team on Location xxx

Monday was an excellent day


 Photographer Adrian Crook,

 Stylist Ruby Henderson


Makeup Artist Jemma Stokes


The team had been organising this shoot since February,when Adrian first ask myself to test with him on a fashion shoot.

When Adrian first ask me he told me there would be some nudity involved (topless) at the time I had not done any topless or nude work so I was a little nervous but it was something I really wanted to do myself. The reason I wanted to start doing nude work in my modelling was because I felt it would expand my portfolio and push myself to get better as a fashion model. I think to be brave and confident with one’s body is very important in this industry as a model and I am extremely comfortable now doing nude work and my favorite nude modelling is fashion nude as I feel it is the most challenging and for me a lot more interesting.

The concept for the shoot was to created an editorial look on an industrial looking Location.

The style of the outfits was created by Ruby Henderson who is a Lancashire based Freelance wardorbe Stylist, specialising in Fashion and Creative styling. Ruby made A beautiful necklace out of Metal wires, melted bin-bags, chains, watches and jewelry. It was truly stunning and it was placed and sat on my chest, almost looking like a top, even though it was a necklace.

The make up was created by Jemma Stokes from Preston who gave me a heavy smokey eye and nude lips and flawless foundation that complimented the styling greatly and made the overall look dramatic and strong.

The location was in a derelict building in Preston which was just fantastic, there was so many places we could of shot and we were spoilt for choice really. Adrian spotted a place for me to stand first of all which to our luck had a sunspot shining down at the time. I quickly got up there and we shot only a few frames and we got the shot we wanted in a matter of minutes. This was just complete luck and timing really as the sun came just as we wanted it to and is shown through some breaking glass and gave us an amazing light to work with.

The next look was a white corset that Ruby made herself and styled, on one side it was cut below the breast, so I had my right breast on show, which gave the look a more edgy and high fashion feel, the detail on the corset was suburb and I truly loved wearing this piece. Jemma changed the style of the eye make up and gave me a ‘Mono-brow’ which actually worked so well as it made the look really different and futuristic, which was so cool and again different for myself.


I had so much fun on this shoot, It is so cool to work with so many talented people who get the job done but also have a giggle too :) I have been so lucky this past year, as I have worked with so many lovely and talented people, I truly am grateful as I have learnt so many wonderful things from each of them  :)  :)

‘The Dream Team’ were just fab on Monday and I will look forward to working with them all again soon, if they will have me that is lol x x x

Lots of Love

Carla x x x

Please check out Adrian’s website for the images on his location
Check out Ruby’s fashion blog on and her facebook page!/pages/Ruby-Noise-Wardrobe-Stylist/158335944177149 also  follow ruby on twittwe!/search/ruby%20noise
Follow jemma on twitter

Connect Charity Fashion Show 25th August 2012…

Hey Everyone, On the 25th of August I will be doing a fashion show for charity Connect

7pm til late xxx
Its is to raise money and awareness for people living with Aphasia, a communication disability that can occur after a stroke or brain injury. Aphasia effects normal activities that we all take for granted such as, answering the telephone phone,watching TV, answering the door- can all become a source of anxiety. As people who suffer with this illness can sometimes only mutter a few words or non at all. 
This can lead to isolation and depression and lack of self worth. The event is being organised by Bec.C.Mort a young photographer from Chester, Bec as strong connections with this charity as her grandmother as Aphasia after having a stroke :(.
 With everyone’s goodwill and help we hope to raise money and the awareness for this small charity that needs are help.
The event will feature some of the northwest up and coming fashion designers showcasing their collections too. 
Designers such as The Black Wardrobe, Pasha, Love frocks and many more you wll be in for a treat, some amazing clothes, gowns and accessories on show, awell as some outstanding models to walk the runway.
 On the night I will be walking myself which I am very excited about, as I don’t do many catwalks so it will be something different for myself, and as it is to raise money for this needing charity I couldn’t be more keen to get involved.
Also on the night there will be music provided by the talented Laura&Claire and the fab John Dean, Dj, strobe lights, smoke, lasers and fog effects, the show is going to look and sound amazing.
If you would like to buy tickets for this event please Call Bec on 07522024388 Tickets are £4.00 each or if you would like a VIP Ticket £10.00 (includes glass of wine, priority seating and free entery to the raffel on the night). Raffel prize includes £100 gift voucher from Love frocks a photo-shoot with the amazing Iain Hamilton and Victoria Mua from Etora Imges , £20 voucher from jessie jewels, plus many more.
The event it’s self will be one not to be missed, It will be held at the beautiful Castle over on the wirral Leasowe Castle, Leasowe road, Moreton, Wallasey CH46 3RF.
Overall the fashion show will be amazing, with some of the northwest most beautiful models, designers, makeup artist and photographer’s attending.
Great music, effects and all for a great cause, Connect Charity in aid of the awareness of Aphasia, please come and get involved or donate now, everything helps.
25th August 2012 Connect Charity Fashion show.
7pm til Late.
Don’t miss out.
About Charity
Facebook event page .!/events/260412934057922/
Bec.C.Mort facebook page.!/RebeccaChristinePhotography
Leasowe Castle, where the fashion show will be held.