The New Classic

Hello everyone…Hope your enjoying the bank holiday weekend :) I’ve got a couple days off myself, enough time so I can do the cleaning, washing, shopping and being a normal person before I head off to Holland next week..yay.

I have had so much fun working the last 2 months, it’s been a little full-on… however I have enjoyed it immensely. I have even got to work alongside some other beautiful models which has been fantastic and I look forward in sharing the images with you all soon.

Going to keep this one short and sweet and share a lush fashion story by the talented Jamila Photography.

We shot this set earlier in the year and I am so pleased with how it has turned out. I always say you can’t go wrong with simple styling, some people have said to me ‘why do you wear suits and black a lot?’ well …because it looks good ;)


The New Classic

Photographer Jamila Photography

Model/ Styling Carla Monaco






Carla Munich Nudes_068

Monaco meet Munich

A couple of weeks ago I went to Munich to model for Damien Lovegrove this was for 3 days of  Boudoir, Art nude and Studio lighting workshops.

I was initially planning to go to Munich a while back to work with amazing Radmila Kerl, a photographer who I met on Damien’s Fuerteventura workshop 2 years ago. Timing was an issue the previous years and we finally all came together again through facebook chat and a few messages here and there… and I was invited to fly out in March…great :)

It’s always exciting going abroad to model, especially with a team of people, there is a real buzz and excitement about working in a different country. You also feel a little bit anxious because you don’t know what to except from the people and you hope everyone likes you…however there was no need to worry at all as I couldn’t of asked to work with nicer people.

Even though I knew that I would be well looked after by Damien and Radmila, I didn’t expect to stay in such a wonderful hotel. The first 2 days of workshops we stayed just outside of Munich in the Leebreghorf Hotel in the Mountains. It was just heaven, right on the lake and over looking the most beautiful views of snow top mountains and hills. My hotel room was huge, the food was delicious and the staff  fantastic, just stunning.




The 3 days just flew and I want to say a big thank you to Damien for inviting me and for all your hard work, so grateful to you.

Thank you to the wonderful Radmila for looking after me and for just being an amazing person-hope to see you soon.

Thank you to beautiful Jessica for making me look good every day , I enjoyed your company so much and hope to see you again, maybe for Oktoberfest ;)

And to all the delegates who came and made it happen :) Thank you.



Here are a selection of images from the 3 days, enjoy.

Monaco Meet Munich

Photographer Damien Lovegrove

Model Carla Monaco

Hair and Make-up Jessica Schletter

Carla Munich Boudoir_008

Carla Munich Nudes_004

Carla Munich Boudoir_007

Carla Munich Boudoir_018

Carla Munich Boudoir_021

Carla Munich Boudoir_035

Carla Munich Boudoir_036

Carla Munich Boudoir_040

Carla Munich Boudoir_028

Carla Munich Nudes_027 (1)

Carla Munich Nudes_026

Carla Munich Boudoir_053

Carla Munich Boudoir_054

Carla Munich Boudoir_045

Carla Munich Boudoir_050

Carla Munich Nudes_032

Carla Munich Nudes_033

Carla Munich Nudes_068

Carla Munich Nudes_073

Carla Munich Studio_004

Carla Munich Studio_006

Carla Munich Studio_009

Carla Munich Studio_018

Carla Munich Studio_024

Carla Munich Studio_038

Carla Munich Studio_040

Thank you for looking

Carla x


90’s Back ‘Let me be your Fantasy’

Yesterday I woke up with an urge to try a new style on myself. I am always looking for something different to try as I have done so many styles over the years, so I can get bored doing the same stuff at times.  Also I believe if you have an idea in your head you should get it out and express while it is fresh, rather than leave it too late because sometimes the energy and passion has gone by then.

Fashion wise, I love the latest throw back to the 90’s, I’m a child of the 90’s and this was when I first discovered fashion/ film and music.


The 90’s was when supermodels like Cindy Crawford and Linda Evanglista-who famously said she wouldn’t get out of bed for less then £10,000 dollas a day.  When Winona Ryder and Gwen Stefani were style Icons and when we all watched Fresh Prince of Bell-Air. The Spice Girls were always number 1 on the top 40,  Clueless and The Craft were my favourite films, the decade smelled of CK One and when Cadbury’s Freddo’s where 10p, who remembers that ;).


So yesterday I styled my hair and make-up with a little hip-hop/Dance twist and a nod to the 90’s style and I absolutely love the images.

Adrian shot them yesterday morning for me and I am so pleased with how they turned out.

If I had to choose a song that goes with these images this would be it- Enjoy…


Let me be your Fantasy.

Photographer Adrian Crook

Model Carla Monaco

Hair/Make-up and Styling Carla Monaco



11125692_10152821909660886_697895163_o (1)

11131015_10152821909645886_2065686406_o (1)

11097218_10152821909635886_340266169_o (1)


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Sweet Female Attitude

Last year I worked with more women than I have ever done before. I do tend to work with men more often, there seems to be more of a male presences in Photography and more male photographers hire models from my perspective, which is fine I love working men.

However it is always a joy to work with other women in this industry especially ones who support each other, I think this is really special and something to be encouraged amongst young women.

There is some sort of stereotype that models are bitchy with each other, slagging each other off at any opportunity they get but that hasn’t been my experience at all in this industry, I am not saying that bitchiness doesn’t go on ( we all know it does from time to time). All the Professional models I have met so far in all honesty have been hard working, professional young women who speak highly of each other and generally get along. The girls work dam hard,they don’t have time to gossip and moan about one another, they are too busy working. Models also help each other out, I myself have recommended other models for jobs, given contacts to girls for work and vice versa models have helped me out, I just think it’s the way to be, if we work together we can achieve so much more. It’s so nice to meet the other girls, last year was great because I got to meet and chat to a lot more although this isn’t an often occurrence. Sometimes I just bump into a model when she is leaving a studio and its just a ‘Hi-Bye’ sort of thing. I consider it a treat to meet another girls and have a good chat with them, girls who do the same job as me, travel as much as I do and who are away from home as much as I am. Models are probably the only ones who know exactly how I feel in this industry. I suppose because we are all spread out and trying to tell our own stories and promoting ourselves that we are considered competition with each other, I never feel that way. Everyone is different and unique with something of the own to offer a client/photographer.

 Also working with more female photographers has been fantastic, though I treat male/female photographers the same. It is nice to be photographed by a woman from time to time. Women have a different approach to photographing other women and I feel as the industry is dominated by men it always a refreshing change when a woman takes my image. I know from my own point of view in my photography (, it can seem intimidating for a woman to take charge, pick up a camera and created her own work as well as promoting it in this male dominated arena.  That’s why I love seeing woman strive in this industry… it inspires me to do the same.

So I am feeling all ‘Sister’s are doing it for themselves’ aren’t I lol …(cue Aretha and Annie)


I am going to share the work of a lovely young talented Female Photographer called Jamila I worked with last month.

I love these lush images from Jamila.. she captures a women’s sexiness, vulnerability but yet the model still looks strong.. I love that… watch out for more of her work in the future.

Thanks for reading

Stay Safe

Carla x

Sweet Female Attitude 

Photographer Jamila

Model Carla Monaco

JPCarlaWm-0515 JPCarlaWm-0517 JPCarlaWm-0520 JPCarlaWm-0522

JPCarlaWm-0236 JPCarlaWm-0243 JPCarlaWm-0244


Jeans, Trousers and Purple Rain.

Hello Everyone,

I have been away from my site now for some time, just getting back into my blogging and keeping you don’t up to date of my adventures.

Well I am back and posting some lovely cool images for you to enjoy.

This year has taken off to a great start for me, rammed packed with travels, bookings, shooting, filming and creativeness galore and that was only January.

One day I might come up for air… until then set your eyes on this super cool editorial by talented Photographer Kris Karl -

We shot this set a beginning of February at Scarlett door in Bracknell.

 One of my favourite styles to shoot, a bit of fashion mix with skin…

Simple styling, energy, expression, attitude, put the music on and let’s go ;)

Enjoy x

Photographer Kris Karl

Model Carla Monaco

 Jeans, Trousers and Purple Rain











I sometimes do ‘DIY’ …..

Even though I have worked with some amazing make-up artist and hair/stylist, I have often done my own make-up and hair for shoots. especially the ones for private projects.

This is usually for different reasons but mostly because of timing and trying to arrange dates with other creative’s can be tricky, schedules collide so over time I have leant to do my own make-up to a good standard for the work I do.

One of the biggest compliments I have had on my work was from a commercial shoot I did in London last year. The photographer on the job mentioned two images I did with Stefano Brunesci and Adrian Crook. One was the ‘Dark’ Image and the other ‘Eye wear’ 



Eye wear 


He said’ they are amazing images, who was the team on the days, I bet you had a whole team of creative’s working along side you to created those looks’, I laughed to myself and told him that it was just me and the photographer that was all. I felt quite smug that some of the work I have done is considered much more than it actually was.

I am a big fan of keeping things simple and not over doing it, I know how I can look my best and I am always learning new tricks and techniques along the way.

I did the make-up below last week for mine and Adrian’s DARK FASHION image for our upcoming workshop.

I did go a little adventurous on this which is not normally what I would do but I was very happy with the results and Adrian approved too which is cool :)  if Adrian doesn’t like something he tells me straight lol he is not shy about that.

So I was very happy with this look and I hope to do more in this similar style.

The power of the make-up brush.





The Shot


Here are a few other images which I have done my own hair /make-up and styling on.
























Thank you for looking

More of my work can be seen on my Facebook page/Twitter and instagram which I update regularly



Carla x x x


‘I wish I was Old Hollywood’

I worked on this lovely Hollywood lighting workshop for Photographer John Tuckey earlier this month.

Any chance I get to do  vintage work I throw myself into it, I just love old Hollywood style of lighting, Hair, Make-up, style. It is timeless and beautiful and a style that can always be adapted to contemporary fashion.

 I did my own hair and Make-up for this shoot and Clothes were provide by John Tuckey from Various vintage outlets he has sourced. 

Images are by Photographer Tim Steele who attended the workshop day and he has produced some fabulous images I thought I would share with you.

Hope you enjoy.

‘I wish I was Old Hollywood’

Photographer Tim Steele


Model Carla Monaco -

Hair and Make-up Carla Monaco

Taken on JRT Vintage Workshop





Behind the Scenes.






Thank you looking

Carla x




Life on the go and on the old dock road….

Hello Everyone,

Hope you are all well and enjoying the summer, I have been on the road for the past 2 weeks, lots of trains, planes and auto-mobiles, with lots of laughs thrown in for good measure.

I want to share with you some of the work I have been doing on my travels and the amazing talents of all the lovely creative’s I get to shoot with.

The Blonde Icon set

photographer Gary Price

Stylist and Make-up Vicki Brant

Hair work Kiall Gormley 

This concept was the idea of stylist Vicki Brant, Vicki wanted to style me as 5 different Blonde Icons  Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot, Madonna, Debbie Harry.

The idea was not to try and impersonate the Icons but to be styled like them but remain myself, which was really cool idea and I fully enjoyed and relished in playing with the different personalties.

Thank you Team for a wonderful shoot.

_K8B4815crop (1)









Crazy Neighbours with Magic Owen

I worked with the lovely and talented lady that is Magic Owen the other week.

We shot some cool fashion editorial styled stuff, strong looks, expressions and feelings were all apart of the shoot.

The last set we shot was just at the end of the day last minute set up and it had me crying with laughter on the day, so much fun was had.

Thank you Magic for a great day.

Photographer/retouch Magic Owen

Designer Faith McGary


10485692_10203784618797445_1862541881_n 10513279_267854370066374_7728636611318114517_n

10517051_10203784618917448_245705621_n 10536984_10203784618677442_848333859_n

John Tuckey Hollywood

I shot some lovely Hollywood styled images with JRT vintage last week.

I always love shooting this type of image as they are so classic and a lot of timing and precision goes into getting the lighting stop on.


jrt_carla_0714-5 jrt_carla_0714-6


On Saturday and Sunday I was modelling in Adrian Crook’s Liverpool workshop doing some street fashion.

I put the outfits together myself, I wanted the look to have a vintage element but still be modern as if it could be worn today.

We shot alongside the the Albert docks, pier head and old dock road of Stanley docks.

The weather was fantastic and we had such a great time.

Thank you everyone for coming along, the images so far have been amazing.

Here are just a few from the weekend….

10532345_10203315837069270_5508635040625498736_n 10446119_10203308455924746_8078813417184273739_o




Karl Shaw

10338410_10204021149516349_7912909382646429084_o 10397142_10204018800177617_524719789833227372_o

Chris Hope


Image by Adrian Crook


End of the day :)



Thank you to all the people I have been working with the past few weeks, so many more images to post, so little time.

Thanks for looking






A room with boots….

 I shot a set of images with Adrian on Monday.

We just wanted to play about and let the shoot flow, I love shoots like this as it gives me a chance to express myself fully. We always come away with shots that are different and un-posed,as it’s more about capturing the moments and feelings of the atmosphere that we create together as Model and photographer.

Again music played a big part in setting the right atmosphere throughout, mainly playing tunes by some of my favourite artist, Garbage, PJ Harvey and Nivana.

It can be interesting shooting like this as you might not get many keepers from the set as the photographer is following the models actions and trying to capture the moments.

However the images that are keepers will be really cool and unique, which is what we are after.

Styling was very minimal. 

The boots were 12 euros from a shop in Spain , the little black top was £3.00  from a charity shop in Cirencester.

All natural light and shot at the house ;)

No Photoshop just converted to black and white

Photographer Adrian Crook-http://

Model Carla Monaco-http://













Thank you for looking



Broken Denim

 Broken Denim.

This set was shot using only natural light in Stefano’s spare room with a reflector used for fill.

No Photoshop either ooohh.

I like to listen to music when I’m modelling depending on what I doing and who is photographing me.

This set was more about feelings and expression through eye-contact and getting across a sinking emotion, as if your feeling bare and revealing ones true self.

The song we played is by one of my favourite Artist right now Jake Bugg ‘Broken’.

I don’t know what is is about this guys voice but it just gets me, Maybe its a realness in his voice which I have’t heard in a while.

If you haven’t checked him out please do :)

Jake Bugg ‘Broken’


Broken help give me a realization to act into, which as a model I find incredibly useful, it always works for me.

Hope you enjoy :)





IMG_0431_lr_900_wide IMG_0432_lr_900_wide

Photographer Stefano Brunesci


Thank you for looking

Carla x