From Catalonia with love…

Hello everyone,

I haven’t blogged in a while,  I should of really because I have worked with some amazing people the last couple of months.

Time flies and before you know it your nearing April and you’re like ‘where the hell as the time gone’, so I want to share some images with you from a recent day modelling in Spain :).

Last Thursday I modelled in Adrian Crooks Gofototravel ( www.gofototravel.com ) 1:1 teaching day which took place on the streets of  Barcelona.

Photographer Pentti from Finland came over to the City for some photography training with Adrian, focusing on street fashion styles and then fashion/art nude on the beach.

We started shooting around 11am on the backstreet’s of the Ramblas which can be more quieter so easier to work but this wasn’t always the case, If anyone knows Barcelona knows it ain’t quiet for long. So you just got to work with it and wait for people to pass by while to get your shot.

In the afternoon we travelled up the coast on the train to Sant Pol de Mar, where there lays a very quite, beautiful beach, easy for us to shoot nudes, no-one to bother us, perfect. 

Here are some images Adrian took from the day, I am looking forward to seeing Pentti’s images too and after he sent Adrian a really positive references on PP, we couldn’t be more chuffed that the day was a success :) http://purpleport.com/portfolio/gofototravel/references/

Hope you enjoy the images.


Street locations in Barcelona






Choosing the right location





Beautiful light after an amazing day :)

Thank you for stopping by and taking a look, hope you are all enjoying the start of Spring and the lighter evening  ;)

Take care

Carla xx




Hola from Barcelona

Hello everyone,

It’s been a while since I blogged so I thought today I will defiantly update it as I am so behind.

I am currently in Barcelona and I am having an absolute blast, weather is amazing, people are lovely, life is good.

I have been working in Paris, Toulouse, and Barcelona and surrounding areas so far, some great photographers and creative people out here, I just love it.

I won’t go on too much; I will let the Images tell the stories.

Work and behind the scenes




Crookie takes us for a crazy drive around Arc de Triomphe

John Peri

ZZZ   8941b

Patrick Roux





Danny Gibert

The Cube Escence


18102013-18102013-_MG_9385 copy

18102013-18102013-_MG_9387 copy

18102013-18102013-_MG_9388 copy

18102013-18102013-_MG_9401 copy

18102013-18102013-_MG_9407 copy

18102013-18102013-_MG_9422 copy

18102013-18102013-_MG_9439 copy

18102013-18102013-_MG_9441 copy

18102013-18102013-_MG_9445 copy

18102013-18102013-_MG_9458 copy

18102013-18102013-_MG_9468 copy

Adrian Crook ‘Crookie’

Areys de Munt.

53de57f2-d2a1-44e5-b61c-a8ecee27452d_IMG 2



Thank you all for the continuing support I really appreciate it and I will see you back in the UK next week.

Love Carla




On the road to somewhere

Hello everyone,

Well we are on the road and currently we have visited Clitheroe, Harrogate, Leeds, York, Buckinghamshire and now we just outside of London in Kent.


Touring is a blast, we have met so many lovely people, seen lots of beautiful countryside and I have worked with some fabulous photographers.

Touring in a motorhome is great fun but it also has it challenges as you can image, we have had, Power cuts, broken water pump, broken indicator, dodgy internet connection and some wet, I mean really wet weather (think I need to buy some wellies), all I can say is thank god I married an engineer who can fix things lol.

 All that said we are having a right laugh and I would recommend motor homing to anyone, the peaceful calmness you feel is unreal and the sense of adventure is one not to be missed.

Oh and Alf is loving it, He’s a right one ;)


Here is some of the work I have done since my tour started and we have only just begun, France and Spain to come yet ;)

Grosmont/ Goathland Railway Station Shoot with the Newcastle Lads.

Images by Karl Shaw

Ice Photography in York



The Crazy/Lovely Guys from Idollphamine in Leeds, Latex by Cathouse.

Carla Monaco

Thank you for reading, my next stop is London, then France and then on to Spain.

Look out for my casting.

Thank you for the support,

stay safe

Carla x x xhttps://www.facebook.com/clubcarlamonaco


No Rest for the Wicked

 Just thinking the other day, all the work and travelling I have done the past 18months, it’s a bit ridiculous how my life as changed in the past two years.

I have gone from Nursery nurse in Liverpool, Support worker for mentally ill children, Nanny in Belgium and now model and also married women ;).


(Myself 2 years ago with my beautiful nephew Darren who is starting school tomorrow, time flies and look at that bleach blonde hair lol)

When I began modelling I just did it for me, I wanted to try it out and have some fun.

I didn’t think anything would come out it at all, but now I have a career and a husband and I have adopted an Old English sheep dog, dreams do come true kids lol.

Alf pretending to be doctor who, honest. I didn’t dress him up at all ;)

Well I have been working with some amazing people and I would like to share some of my recent work, hope you enjoy :)

West coast of Wolverhampton with John Barone and Make-up by Becky Hunting.




Karl Baxter http://purpleport.com/portfolio/karlbaxter/and Make-up by Penny Grimley  http://purpleport.com/portfolio/pennyg/

Myself and MUA Sarah from the bank holiday weekend at  John Gannon’s studio in Cheshire after wrapping up.



The Yerbury’s art nude and Boudoir workshop in Pipewell Hall. https://www.facebook.com/YerburyStudio

Trevor Yerbury and Hair by Faye Yerbury.

Images by Faye Yerbury.

Image by Vic Beachview on the Yerbury workshop. http://purpleport.com/portfolio/beachview/

Adventure begins.


Myself and Adrian are about to start touring Yorkshire, Down south and then off to France/Spain and then wherever our camper takes us.

I am not leaving England for good and will be making trips back for work and to see my family, so look out for dates for casting if you want to book me in your area.

Also look out for our blog about mine, Crookie and Alf’s adventures.

Thank you for the support, for reading and see you soon.

Love Carla xx https://www.facebook.com/clubcarlamonaco


Lovegrove nudes, a camera and big English sheep dog.

I had the good fortune of working with Damien Lovegrove again on Monday, modelling for the Lovegrove nude’s workshop at Maunsel House in Taunton.

Maunsel house is very eccentric indeed, very old and lots of strange objects and pictures hanging on the walls.

I wouldn’t want to stay over night but a great place to shoot all the same.

2013-08-12 15.20.26 (1) Crazy goings on at maunsel.

However the staff on the day were not the most accommodating and we felt unwelcome, which is sad considering Damien is a paying customer, maybe they got up on the wrong side of the bed, who knows.

We did not let that spoil our day,we got some great images all the same and I had a fabulous day.

 Big thank you to Damien and the Lovely Vicki Waghorn who looked after me throughout the workshop and she did some beautiful work with the make-up brush, you were fab and to all the delegates that came, lovely people .

Here are just a few of the delights from Mondays workshop, also check out Damiens blog here- http://www.prophotonut.com/2013/08/14/lovegrove-nudes-featuring-carla-monaco-nsfw/

Corset by Lisa Keating





I have acquired a camera which I am delighted about however my Crookie and Alf are less  impressed,as they are my unwilling victims ;)

I’m just playing at the minute, well for now anyway watch this space ;)

Adventures of Crookie and Alf ;)







Before I leave you, I want to share this lovely image Photographer Cat Marie shot in natural light a few weeks ago.

Such a simple shot but very strong all the same, Keeping it simple sometimes is the best way :)

Take care






I’ve been Busy, latest work from last couple of months ….

Hello Everyone,

I have been very behind on my blog updates as late, I am finding it hard to find time with work, travelling, admin, family and trying to have a personal life too.

Saying that I do like to keep people up to date on what I have been doing and also giving credit to some of the lovely and talented people I get to work with.

Here are some images and behind the scenes from the last couple of months, Hope you enjoy.


 Perception, Liverpool.http://purpleport.com/portfolio/deepperception/

10×8 Hand coated Print from large format negative

Street Fashion Workshop Adrian Crook www.adriancrook.co.uk

We made friends with the taxi drivers and security lol

Preston Urban Shoot


Adrian Crook

Karl Shaw-http://purpleport.com/portfolio/karl/

Valley of the Dolls at the Crazy House.

Fashion Editorial

Photographer-Gary Price http://purpleport.com/portfolio/gazualdo/

Stylist-Vicki Brant http://www.vickistylesolutions.co.uk/

Make-up and Hair-Sabina Yunuova http://purpleport.com/portfolio/sabinayunusova/

'What ever happened to baby Jane, darlings'

The Crazy House

Art nude and Boudoir workshops with Trevor and Faye Yerbury. https://www.facebook.com/YerburyStudio

All styling By Faye Yerbury

Trevor Yerbury

Faye Yerbury

Image Nik Sargent (Yerbury Boudoir workshop)

Kitty Cohen (Yerbury workshop)

Jon McEvoy ay Hallam Mill


Wild By Adrian Crook



Alf up staging me ;)

Stefano Brunesci (Taken on a tuition day that Stefano was doing) https://www.facebook.com/stefanobrunesci.photography

Paul Betts-http://www.modelmayhem.com/2613215


Cat Marie-https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cat-Marie-Photographer/133084520191928

Scap Yard Fashion Editorial

with Crookie (Adrian Crook)



Manchester Victoria Baths


Now for some of my Photography been Practising on Crookie ;) Just messing in the studio.


Thank you for for stopping by,

I will keep you updated on my future adventures,

Best wishes Carla x x x  https://www.facebook.com/clubcarlamonaco

Nude in deco pose

Travelling, Working and a Wedding…

Hello everyone,

I haven’t blogged in a while as I have been very busy travelling, working, oh and errmm getting married too ;).

I’m just feeling really lucky that I get to worked with so many wonderful people in my job.

This last month I have been to Manchester, Stockport, Edinburgh , Bath, Kemble, Gloucester, Bristol , Northamptonshire, North Wales, South Wales , to name just a few ;).

I could go on and talk about each shoot but as I am very behind with my blog updates I will simply include images from each wonderful shoot.

Thank you to everyone who as worked with me this past month :) x x x


Damien Lovegrove workshop Manchester 



Trevor and Faye Yerbury for N.Photo Magazine


The Door of Dunmore


The Stables of Dunmore





South West Tour.


Afraid of the dark


Shrouded in Mystery

Stu Clark

Glenn Cockerill

Shoot with Stefano Brunesci





North Wales Shoot with Tim Pile and Dinah.



Tim Pile

Snap shot of me and the greedy welsh ponies ;)

Yerbury’s Art Nude workshop at Pipewell Hall.




Adrian Crooks Fashion Nude workshop on Location.

Styling, Hair and Make-up by Me :)


Adrian Crook



Karl Shaw

sex on a stick phil ;)

And last I share Couple from my wedding day to My Crookie :)

Thank you to everyone for their congratulations and love, we are so happy and looking forward to our next adventure together,

watch this space ….



Lots of Love

Carla :)


My shooting with Mr Roux in Toulose

Hello everyone, Thank you for reading my new blog.

 New Facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/clubcarlamonaco

Last Month I shot with the brilliant Patrick Roux

http://www.modelmayhem.com/891856) in Toulouse France.

Me and Patrick had been trying to arrange this shoot since last year but with our busy schedules it took so long to come about. However we finally agreed on a date and I flew to Toulouse in March.

Patrick arranged for me to stay in the beautiful hotel Le Grande Hotel in centre of the city http://www.grandbalconhotel.com/index.php/flash, we were also using the room for our shoot, which was fabulous and perfect for Patrick’s vision.

The idea’s for shooting involved myself being as natural as can be, example-coming home from a party late a night, having a smoke, having a drink, being raw and real.

I think me and Patrick achieved what we wanted to do and I had an amazing time shooting with Patrick , he is very artistic and inspiring, I love his style of images and I can’t wait for our next shoot together :) I just wished I could of stayed longer to see more of Toulouse.

Here are some of the results from the shoot.

For more on Patrick Roux work please see his model-mayhem page-  http://www.modelmayhem.com/891856

Thank you

Carla x x

Work Abroad :)


I worked with the Brilliant photographer Fabien Queloz for his art nude workshop back in February.

Working with Fabien and several other Swiss photographers for 3 days, as-well as Fabien’s beautiful wife Anna.

I  had an amazing time and came back home to England feeling inspired from what i had learn’t from Fabien and Anna, thank you guys so much :) x x x


On the verge

Fish Tale


March was a really busy month for myself, I have hardly spent anytime at home, which at times can be difficult, i miss Adrian and my family alot.

 However I did get to experience some amazing modelling jobs abroad and when Damien Lovegrove ask me to be the model for his fuerteventura workshop, I wasn’t going to say no.

 A modelling job, all paid for in the sun, ‘ermm okay I’ll do it lol:)’.

I had the most amazing time out there, the photographer’s i met and worked with were truly lovely and inspiring people.

 The sun, sea and sand its what it’s all about.

Thank you to everyone who made this trip an amazing one.


02. This is the first in a series of three natural light shots in the same location.


08. Grace, elegance and design.

15. The sun came and went throughout the two days of shooting. We rarely used it to directly light Carla but when we did the results were fabulous.

23. Reflected sunlight makes this next sequence special.

Carla is a very experienced art nude model and can really shape herself beautifully.



45. I decided to take the tutu I bought for my Black Swan workshop last month.

46. This was my favourite shot with the tutu. Polka dot shadows are fab.

51. The Quadra worked wonders here too.


49. Next it was time for the beach.


Thank you to everyone I have worked with in Switzerland and Fuerteventura, it was a blast.

Look out for my next blog about my work with French Photographer Patrick Roux in Toulouse, coming soon.

Happy Easter everyone


Carla x x x

My new facebook page https://www.facebook.com/#!/clubcarlamonaco

Glasgow, Painted and Erotic Cover.


I have been my usual busy bee the last few weeks, Travelling all over the place, getting lots of trains, modelling, meeting nice people and generally having a blast.

I was in Glasgow over the weekend, modelling in David Kane’s workshops, Boudoir and Portrait.

I was surprised when I got to Glasgow as David informed me that the hotel I was Staying in was called The Hotel De Vin, which is quite fancy and posh and my room for the night was rather plush, with a big bath and bed.

We were using the room for shooting in and then I got to stay in the room over night too, It was really cool indeed, as I usually get the Premier Inn, so I didn’t complain.

The whole two days in Glasgow was a delight, I love the Scottish people, I always find them very warm and friendly and a good laugh too. I met some great people in Glasgow including make-up artist Sacha Currie who transformed me into a glam-rock chick with a very high quiff.




My trip to Glasgow was great and working with David is always fab, I look forward to future workshops and shooting.


Here are images from the weekend.

Images taken By photographer Alastair Wilson facebook https://www.facebook.com/#!/ajwphotographyscotland





bedroom nude






Myself in Art.


I have been lucky to be involved in some brilliant jobs since becoming a model, The best part of my job to me is always the actual modelling. I love being in front of the camera as pretentious as that sounds, I feel like its a performance and I try to leave nothing back and give my all into whatever I am modelling. I feel like if you let yourself go and really go into the act of model then you really can achieve the best expressions and what we all ultimately want, amazing, strong images.

I feel lucky that I get to model for a living as I get to express myself in so many ways and it can be truly liberating as a woman and I think I have become more confident with myself and my body because of it.

Artist   Steven  Smith


I was booked to model for the very talented Artist Steven Smith, a few months ago. Steven is a painter from Preston and he paints, fine art and Landscapes.

Steven took images of me in Camera first and then painted from the images of the shoot.

When Steven posted a preview on twitter I was overwhelmed with how amazing the painting looked, I know he was talented anyway but seeing my own image painted was a thrill and the attention to detail in the painting are incredible. Steven is extremely talented and I am very proud to have been painted :)

Check out these images and Steven’s work and be found and purchase here http://www.artsps.com/


‘Erotic  meets  art’

I was also lucky to be chosen to be on the front cover of Patricia Patose ‘erotic meets art’ Calender 2013,

I shot with Patrica back in September and love the images she shot of me, so I was even more delighted when I was in her 2013 calender and got the Cover too :)

Front Cover of 'erotic meets art' Limited edition calender

 Check out Partricia’s website http://www.erotic-meets-art.com/ 

Thank you for reading my Blog, My next stop is Switzerland working with the very talented Fabien Quelox, I shall tell you all about my Trip when I return


Carla x x x