Glasgow, Painted and Erotic Cover.


I have been my usual busy bee the last few weeks, Travelling all over the place, getting lots of trains, modelling, meeting nice people and generally having a blast.

I was in Glasgow over the weekend, modelling in David Kane’s workshops, Boudoir and Portrait.

I was surprised when I got to Glasgow as David informed me that the hotel I was Staying in was called The Hotel De Vin, which is quite fancy and posh and my room for the night was rather plush, with a big bath and bed.

We were using the room for shooting in and then I got to stay in the room over night too, It was really cool indeed, as I usually get the Premier Inn, so I didn’t complain.

The whole two days in Glasgow was a delight, I love the Scottish people, I always find them very warm and friendly and a good laugh too. I met some great people in Glasgow including make-up artist Sacha Currie who transformed me into a glam-rock chick with a very high quiff.




My trip to Glasgow was great and working with David is always fab, I look forward to future workshops and shooting.


Here are images from the weekend.

Images taken By photographer Alastair Wilson facebook!/ajwphotographyscotland





bedroom nude






Myself in Art.


I have been lucky to be involved in some brilliant jobs since becoming a model, The best part of my job to me is always the actual modelling. I love being in front of the camera as pretentious as that sounds, I feel like its a performance and I try to leave nothing back and give my all into whatever I am modelling. I feel like if you let yourself go and really go into the act of model then you really can achieve the best expressions and what we all ultimately want, amazing, strong images.

I feel lucky that I get to model for a living as I get to express myself in so many ways and it can be truly liberating as a woman and I think I have become more confident with myself and my body because of it.

Artist   Steven  Smith


I was booked to model for the very talented Artist Steven Smith, a few months ago. Steven is a painter from Preston and he paints, fine art and Landscapes.

Steven took images of me in Camera first and then painted from the images of the shoot.

When Steven posted a preview on twitter I was overwhelmed with how amazing the painting looked, I know he was talented anyway but seeing my own image painted was a thrill and the attention to detail in the painting are incredible. Steven is extremely talented and I am very proud to have been painted :)

Check out these images and Steven’s work and be found and purchase here


‘Erotic  meets  art’

I was also lucky to be chosen to be on the front cover of Patricia Patose ‘erotic meets art’ Calender 2013,

I shot with Patrica back in September and love the images she shot of me, so I was even more delighted when I was in her 2013 calender and got the Cover too :)

Front Cover of 'erotic meets art' Limited edition calender

 Check out Partricia’s website 

Thank you for reading my Blog, My next stop is Switzerland working with the very talented Fabien Quelox, I shall tell you all about my Trip when I return


Carla x x x