Group Time and Down the Subway.

So after my travels abroad working, it was back to work at home.

Myself and Crookie  put on a group shoot last Saturday at his studio arc photos in Preston.

The day started at 10am and we wrapped up at 4pm.

Again it was a great day, we had photographers come from Newcastle to Chester, and I am happy to say they all enjoyed the shoot.

The next group shoot is on Saturday 4th May and is now Sold out.

There may be another group shoot at arc photos in June, watch out for announcements.

Thank you to Photographers.

Karl Shaw

Phil Davis

Roy Mateer

Barry From Glamourshotz

Ian Walker

Larry Bedigan

Paul Carr

Here are a collection of shots from the day.



Images Provided by

Karl Shaw

Larry Bedigan

Roy Mateer

Paul Carr-

Subway Vogue.

On Sunday night myself and Adrian went out on the streets of Preston to shoot some Fashion.
We had an idea of what we wanted to shoot so wanted to shoot it fairly quick, as sometimes we get inpatient but I think that is a good thing, Why wait when you can just do it :)

We wanted clean lines, slicked back hair, strong eye make-up and the cigarette gave a cinematic feel to the look. Also we wanted the images to look un-posed and completely natural, and I think we achieved this.
I did my own make-up and hair for the shoot and wore a £7.00 jacket from the newlook sale and a pair of cheap black trousers lol.
You don’t need to spend a lot of money to make things look cool.
The shoot was very cold but it was all worth it as the images are brilliant and just what we wanted.

We were also quite pleased that the vogue Italia website accepted one of the images from the shoot, really cool.

Thank you Crookie for another amazing shoot with the style I love so much :)

Thank you for checking out my blog

Carla :)