In bed at Coco…

Hello everyone,

Excuse me for not blogging  in a while, I have so much to blog about but finding the time to do so can be a real pain.

Anyway, I have some beautiful new images I would like to share with you.

A couple of weeks ago I did a studio weekend at the fantastic Coco Studios in Nottingham, it was my first visit to the studio and I had an amazing time. The studio is one of the best I have been too and I would highly recommend going if you are up in Nottingham :)

One of the best things about Coco was the amazing natural light coming out of the big window at the back. I shot this set with New School Photography who is brilliant to work with and he kindly sent me these little gems to share with you all.

I love working in Natural light, especially when it’s soft and gentle light like in these images. Great for natural posing and expressions :)

Hope you like the images

In Bed at Coco

Photographer newschool

Model Carla Monaco

Studio http://cocophotographicstudios.com/








Thanks for looking




I will be back at Coco in July for a workshop with Adrian Crook on the 3oth July and studio day 31st July, if you would like to attend either please get in touch :)