100 faces, Preston Guild and a Banned Bottom x x x


Brilliant few weeks guys, after getting over my illness three weeks ago I haven’t felt better, back to work is GOOD!!!.

I was delighted to hear that the images from a shoot myself and Adrian took part in,organised by Luke Richards to celebrate the Guild coming to Preston, where chosen to go into the 100 faces of Preston.

Lucky for me and Adrian are images along side 98 others where displayed in St. Georges shopping centre as part of the 100 faces of Preston exacerbation.


By Luke Richards.




I feel very proud and honard to be part of such a great project and to be a part of the guild in Preston, well is pretty cool indeed. Even though I am not technically from Preston lol, I have been working here (I type this while sat at a computer at arc studio and listening to Q radio lol) in Preston solid for a year, I have met some amazing people (Adrian) so I suppose Preston have adopted a scouser, sort of lol.





A little information on the Preston Guild.



Preston Guild is a historic celebration, which dates back to1179-sharing a heritage of over 800 years. It is the only guild to be celebrated in the U.K and as such is truly unique.

Held only every 20 years, the 2012 is the first guild in The 21st century :).




So many celebrations were to be had the last 2 weeks, concerts, parades, vintage weekend to name just a few. It was such a delight to be a part of this guild and I will always remember it :).



Visit http://www.prestonguild2012.com/ for more information on what was on at the guild and what you missed out on :P x x x


Bum Gate.




This week as also been a funny one as I was surprised and amused that one of my images that I posted on facebook was removed by facebook, as someone reported the image as obscene, therefore the image was removed and I was given a ban from the site from posting for 24 hours, brilliant lol.

The image was one of my bottom, nothing threatening just my behind. It was taken by the fantastic Fashion photographer Stefano Brunesci,

My first ban from facebook, how rock and roll of me lol.

It made me think a lot about the content which is present on facebook, as I have seen so many offensive images floating about on the site and they seem to get left alone but others who are much more tame get there backsides kicked, excuse the pun lol.




 The Behind shot, Taken by Stefano Brunesci.


I think maybe facebook should introduce a 18+ filter like they do on sites such as purpleport, modelmayhem etc, as in this model, photographer industry we are all in,

we all use facebook a lot for work, well I do a lot, If I get a ban it stops me from connecting with people.

This sucks considering it was such a tame image but It has made me giggle a lot and some of the jokes have been priceless, thank you all, love a bum joke lol.

Will be careful now when posting I suppose, well for now anyway lol :).

Well I am busy at the moment organising my Scottish tour (it is a bit sad calling it a tour considering I am not Beyonce or Rihanna but hey I can pretend lol).

I will be up in Scotland for the 18th-22ndof October, I can’t wait as I love Scotland and there are so many amazing photographers up there, I am going to have a blast.



I am also excited to show you all my new video coming very soon, I shot it last week and it was lots of fun indeed, watch out for it :P x x x



Have a great night everyone and stay safe.




Lots of Love




Carla x x x