Tour of Scotland

Last week I ventured on my Scottish tour, and I have to say it was one of the best things I have ever done.

After weeks and weeks of planning,sorting tickets, train times clothes etc., it finally came together and what an adventure it was.


Thursday 18th October


Last Thursday My lovely Crookie (Adrian lol) went to Preston station with me to see me off, I spent 4 and half days away from him which was the longest we have spent away from each other since we have been together, so I missed him so much.

It took about 2 and half hours from Preston to Glasgow on the train, the time just flew by and with the use of crookie’s trusty ipad (he loaned me his lol) I was there in no time.

My first stop was Glasgow and then changed at queens street to get to Falkirk, soon as I got off the train in Central station Glasgow, I just loved it, the people are so friendly and helpful and always up for banter, which I love, so felt comfortable there straight away.


Image taken by Alistair Finlayson.

I was kindly put up by Photographer Alistair Finlayson in Falkirk for 3 nights, He has modelled hosted for quite a few models on tour in Scotland and he was such a joy to be around.

After having a nice cup of tea with Alistair, we got into doing a shoot in Alistair’s own studio, we did a range of looks, styles and Alistair gave me a lesson on lighting and light room, which was very useful :).

After shooting with Alistair and he kindly drove us both to McDonald’s and we got some food yay!!!,  We were both starving lol.


Friday 19th October


The next day Friday, I was shooting with the brilliant Ian Mcinnes in Glasgow at Contrast studio’s, Ian contacted me through purpleport to arrange a shoot, I was very flattered as Ian work is top and very cool and he only uses the best girls, so I was chuffed he wanted to work with me.

Ian came to meet me at queens street, even though I told him I was at central (I got confused) poor lad came all way round the other away to meet me though, I am very dizzy at times lol.

We shot at contrast studio’s which is in central Glasgow, all the other guys in the studio were very cool, down to earth just like Ian. We got some really cool shots and had a laugh also, which is the key to a good shoot I suppose.

I am going to work with Ian again in the near future, looking forward to it :).


Images taken by Ian Mcinnes

Straight from Glasgow, I had to get back to Falkirk, as I was booked with The lovely Douglas Kerr, We had planned to shoot together last year but it never happened, but I was delighted he wanted to shoot me again in Scotland, We had a great shoot and laugh together and then nice cup of tea at the end of shoot, with Alistair :).


Image taken by Douglas Kerr.

Friday night, I was absolutely exhausted, The travelling definitely takes it’s toll on you for sure, I would recommend any model doing tours, to rest well and make sure to eat properly to.

Sometimes we can be in such a rush, going from place to place, shoot to shoot and forget to eat until quite late, definitely keep your energy levels up and make time for food and rest :) x x x


Saturday 20th October


Saturday, I was back up in Glasgow, I shot with the energetic and fun David Kane back at contrast studios.

David warned me that when he shoots he tends to get hyper as he goes on, which he did but was lots of fun and the energy was just right for our shoot. Lots of outfit changes and different styles over the three hours, I think everything was covered from natural light, glamour, fashion,art nude and lots of silly faces, which is always good :). Great shoot with David so it was and thanks for the fruit pastels too, they made my train journey a lot more fun back lol :).


Instagram taken by David Kane.

After shooting in Glasgow, I went back to Falkirk to shoot with Alistair Wright and Donald from Edinburgh, who I have shot with many times and I always look forward to shooting with them :).

The shoot was brilliant and we covered lots of different styles and different lighting from what we have done before, and Alistair and Donald were so sweet and gave me a present from Scotland, a beautiful tartan scarf. Thank you so much guys it was very lovely of you and I shall see you hopefully in December either back in Scotland or in Preston.



Taken by Alistair Wright.


Sunday 21st October


Sunday I got up early and curled my hair ready for my shoot with the fantastic Trevor and Faye Yerbury. I have been a fan of the Yerbury’s work for quite sometime now and I was delighted that they wanted to meet and shoot with myself.

Alistair kindly drove me to Bathgate station on the Sunday morning where I met Trevor and he took me back to the Yerbury studio, at there home.

After having a nice cup of tea with both Trevor and Faye at there home, we then got ready for our shoot.

Faye Yerbury, is just fabulous at Hair styling, she parted my hair in a different way than I would normally do it, and it looked so good. Faye then styled my hair with a sort of high quiff, and with it being curly that day, it look so cool and different, I was very pleased indeed.

I did my own make-up, which I am starting to get better at, I pick up a lot of tips from every make-up artist I work with, and the more practice you get the better you get too, so I was pleased with the make-up I did on the yerbury shoot, If I do say so myself lol hehe.


Taken by Trevor E.R.Yerbury

Taken by Faye Yerbury

See through dress by Faye Yerbury at The Yerbury Studio.

Working with Trevor and Faye was pure joy, they are so professional, Talented and very down to earth and cool people too.

I will look forward to future projects together, thank you Trevor and Faye.


After shooting with Trevor and Faye, I then had to get the train from bathgate to Haymarket and then on to Aberdeen lol.

When I got on the Aberdeen train, it was so crowded, I ended up standing up at first and did think I would be standing up all the way from Haymarket to Aberdeen, which wouldn’t of been too good :(.

I got a seat in the end, ear-phones in, music on and I was there in no time.

I stayed at the park inn hotel while in Aberdeen, it was a nice hotel and really close to the studio I was shooting in so all was good. When I got to my hotel room, I just had some food and fell asleep, I was so so tired, and had to be up and ready for 8.0 clock lol.


Monday 22nd October


Monday I was shooting with a group of photographers throughout the day at a local camera club In Aberdeen.

Guy Carnegie shot me first for two hours, we shot figure nudes, and we did some really interesting work and I was so pleased with what we achieved, I am looking forward to seeing the final edits, Guy was lovely  to work with and very talented too.


Sneak Peek

This image was taken By Guy Carnegie and is totally unretouched,

 just a sneak peek of what we did in Aberdeen.

I then shot with 3 other photographers throughout the rest of the day and Guy stayed around to help them with the lighting, all the photographers were lovely people and they all got some cool shots and it was a pleasure to work with them all.

Aberdeen was brilliant, and I will be going back up in the new year for sure :).

I then went back down to Preston, I think it took me about 5 hours in total from Aberdeen, but it was so worth it.


 The River Dee

One of many of the lovely views from the train journey home.

Thank you to all the photographers I worked with and met, I have to say I have a little soft spot for Scotland now.

All the people were just charming and so down to earth, I will be back soon :).

It was so nice to see Crookie and Alf on the monday night, missed them so much :) x x x

Thank you all again

 Lots of Love


 x x x