Nude in deco pose

Travelling, Working and a Wedding…

Hello everyone,

I haven’t blogged in a while as I have been very busy travelling, working, oh and errmm getting married too ;).

I’m just feeling really lucky that I get to worked with so many wonderful people in my job.

This last month I have been to Manchester, Stockport, Edinburgh , Bath, Kemble, Gloucester, Bristol , Northamptonshire, North Wales, South Wales , to name just a few ;).

I could go on and talk about each shoot but as I am very behind with my blog updates I will simply include images from each wonderful shoot.

Thank you to everyone who as worked with me this past month :) x x x


Damien Lovegrove workshop Manchester 



Trevor and Faye Yerbury for N.Photo Magazine


The Door of Dunmore


The Stables of Dunmore





South West Tour.


Afraid of the dark


Shrouded in Mystery

Stu Clark

Glenn Cockerill

Shoot with Stefano Brunesci





North Wales Shoot with Tim Pile and Dinah.



Tim Pile

Snap shot of me and the greedy welsh ponies ;)

Yerbury’s Art Nude workshop at Pipewell Hall.




Adrian Crooks Fashion Nude workshop on Location.

Styling, Hair and Make-up by Me :)


Adrian Crook



Karl Shaw

sex on a stick phil ;)

And last I share Couple from my wedding day to My Crookie :)

Thank you to everyone for their congratulations and love, we are so happy and looking forward to our next adventure together,

watch this space ….



Lots of Love

Carla :)