Work Abroad :)


I worked with the Brilliant photographer Fabien Queloz for his art nude workshop back in February.

Working with Fabien and several other Swiss photographers for 3 days, as-well as Fabien’s beautiful wife Anna.

I  had an amazing time and came back home to England feeling inspired from what i had learn’t from Fabien and Anna, thank you guys so much :) x x x!/pages/Elle-Studio-Fabien-Queloz-Photography/189022581148593

On the verge

Fish Tale


March was a really busy month for myself, I have hardly spent anytime at home, which at times can be difficult, i miss Adrian and my family alot.

 However I did get to experience some amazing modelling jobs abroad and when Damien Lovegrove ask me to be the model for his fuerteventura workshop, I wasn’t going to say no.

 A modelling job, all paid for in the sun, ‘ermm okay I’ll do it lol:)’.

I had the most amazing time out there, the photographer’s i met and worked with were truly lovely and inspiring people.

 The sun, sea and sand its what it’s all about.

Thank you to everyone who made this trip an amazing one.


02. This is the first in a series of three natural light shots in the same location.


08. Grace, elegance and design.

15. The sun came and went throughout the two days of shooting. We rarely used it to directly light Carla but when we did the results were fabulous.

23. Reflected sunlight makes this next sequence special.

Carla is a very experienced art nude model and can really shape herself beautifully.



45. I decided to take the tutu I bought for my Black Swan workshop last month.

46. This was my favourite shot with the tutu. Polka dot shadows are fab.

51. The Quadra worked wonders here too.


49. Next it was time for the beach.


Thank you to everyone I have worked with in Switzerland and Fuerteventura, it was a blast.

Look out for my next blog about my work with French Photographer Patrick Roux in Toulouse, coming soon.

Happy Easter everyone


Carla x x x

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