Work, Christmas and thank you …..

What a busy and fantastic few weeks it has been for me, with Christmas to plan for and work and family, I defiantly have been a busy bee indeed.

After my South-west tour, I had a few days to chill and relax and refuel, travelling takes it out of you  but we must always remember to rest and make time for ourselves, so I did just that.

I spent time with family and Mr crookie and Alf, I also enjoyed decorating the Christmas tree, we did not have a Christmas fairy to put on the top, so I made my own, Kate moss with a cig, our very own Christmas fairy ;).


I always leave my Christmas shopping to last minute every year, this is my own fault as I am well lazy and hate crowded shoppers. I did brave the Primark the other day though, its hard core in there, nearly got knocked down in the knicker isle in the Preston one, good job I’m hard Liverpudlian lol.

Saturday 8th December.

This was my slot day at arc-photos in Preston, the day was sold out, so I thank all the photographers who came.

Alistair Wright and his friend Donald came all the way from Scotland to shoot, which was really cool and they also gave me two tutus to keep from the shoot, which I was really happy with, shame I can’t dance lol.

Shame I can’t dance :( lol

Here are a selection of just a few images from the day, thank you guys :).

 Image taken by Dave Edwards

Image taken By Peter Mayes.

Image taken by Alistair Wright

Image taken By Robert Turley

Sunday 9th December.

Sunday was another busy day for me at arc-photos, I was shooting with James Wani and Adriana Mirtus.

I was really impressed with James as he drove all the way from London to shoot me in Preston and He is such a lovely chap indeed. We had a really cool fashion shoot and I am glad James enjoyed the shoot and got out of it what he wanted, considering he came all the way from London, thank you  James.

Image taken By James wani Photography

Later on in the day, I was shot by the lovely Adriana, even though on the day she wasn’t well at all and was dosed up on medication, she still came to shoot me, which I thought was really good of her.

Adriana brought along her projector machine and we shot some cool art nude, which different backgrounds from the projector, It was different for me but totally cool and I loved the results from the shoot.- Thank you Adriana.


 Image taken By Adriana Mirtus.

Monday 10th December.

I shot with The lovely Les Auld in Southport, Les was lovely as always and I am glad he liked the shots, as the lighting equipment was giving him hassle throughout the shoot, which is always a pain.

Thank you Les.


Tuesday 11th December.

Tuesday I was in Birmingham shooting with Chris Sinnett, who was nothing but a pleasure to work with. We shot at the Tip Top studios in Birmingham, Chris wanted to do edgy fashion nude style as well as art nude and I think we got some really cool images. Chris is a lot of fun to work with and brought along some jaffa cakes and Chocolate Pretzels, which is always cool, thank Chris.

Wednesday 12TH December.

Wednesday was camera club at Adrian’s studio arc-photos in Preston, I sometimes do it from time to time as it is really great way to network and meet other photographer’s.

This night our model could not make it :( so I step in to do the night and I fully enjoyed it.

All the guys were fun and really good photographer’s and it is great to see them try out new things in photography and learn from each other, which is what camera club is all about.

Check out some of the images from the night.


 Image by Donald Gibbs

Image By Robert Turley

Image By Robert Turley


Image By Iain Noble

Image By Vinny Vessey

Friday 13th December

Friday myself and Adrian, shot our Christmas image that we have wanted to do for sometime.

We took inspiration from a image we came across, with a model wrapped in fairy lights and wanted to produce our own version.

The shot was not an easy one to model I can assure you, The shot was nude and the position I was in on the floor hurt the elbows and giving a good expression at the same time was tough but I am so pleased how it came out. Adrian as per usual as done a great job, he done great with the lighting and getting the image just right, really proud of what we did.


We also did a jeans shoot too, check out the images :)


Monday 17th December.

I did a shoot with the talented photographer Ian Austen, it was a simple step up, me in a Benny Hat and Jeans, what more to you need lol.

Thanks Ian for a great shoot and some really cool images :) check them out.





Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy Birthday, very thoughtful of you all and I had a lovely day with Crookie and Alf, Baileys was consumed and I was very merry hahah.

I have had such a great few weeks, well a great year in-fact, I want to thank everyone who has made my year such a great one.

I have met and worked with so many lovely people, I want to thank you for letting me have such a great career, I never thought I would be doing this job a year ago, so thank you for the support and I wish you all A Very Merry Christmas x x x