Fun in Wales

Fun in Wales

Last week I spent 4  fantastic days working in South Wales on Paul’s Studio events ‘Wales weekend’.

Working alongside some of the UK’s top models including Artemis Fauna Rosa Brighid Ayla Rose Amelie Alden Roseanne Elizabeth Sammy G, I was in great company indeed.

It was just the best to meet and spend time with fellow models, hope to do more of it next year :)

I had such a fantastic time with models and photographer’s, great company, great location, great food, wine and lots of fab images.

Special thank you to Paul and Phil for all your hard work and organising this event.

Here are a collection of some of the images from the event so far….most are funny ones and selfies, will share the pro images soon :)



Oliver Fox


Pinky ;)



Selfie’s are us ;)

Sarah Perky 150907a

Artemis with Miss Pinky


Auditioning for Country file ;)



Embarrassing the young locals ;)

Thanks to Phil Knott for the BTS Shots

Thanks for looking


Carla xx


90’s Back ‘Let me be your Fantasy’

Yesterday I woke up with an urge to try a new style on myself. I am always looking for something different to try as I have done so many styles over the years, so I can get bored doing the same stuff at times.  Also I believe if you have an idea in your head you should get it out and express while it is fresh, rather than leave it too late because sometimes the energy and passion has gone by then.

Fashion wise, I love the latest throw back to the 90’s, I’m a child of the 90’s and this was when I first discovered fashion/ film and music.


The 90’s was when supermodels like Cindy Crawford and Linda Evanglista-who famously said she wouldn’t get out of bed for less then £10,000 dollas a day.  When Winona Ryder and Gwen Stefani were style Icons and when we all watched Fresh Prince of Bell-Air. The Spice Girls were always number 1 on the top 40,  Clueless and The Craft were my favourite films, the decade smelled of CK One and when Cadbury’s Freddo’s where 10p, who remembers that ;).


So yesterday I styled my hair and make-up with a little hip-hop/Dance twist and a nod to the 90’s style and I absolutely love the images.

Adrian shot them yesterday morning for me and I am so pleased with how they turned out.

If I had to choose a song that goes with these images this would be it- Enjoy…


Let me be your Fantasy.

Photographer Adrian Crook

Model Carla Monaco

Hair/Make-up and Styling Carla Monaco



11125692_10152821909660886_697895163_o (1)

11131015_10152821909645886_2065686406_o (1)

11097218_10152821909635886_340266169_o (1)


Thanks for looking



On the road to somewhere

Hello everyone,

Well we are on the road and currently we have visited Clitheroe, Harrogate, Leeds, York, Buckinghamshire and now we just outside of London in Kent.


Touring is a blast, we have met so many lovely people, seen lots of beautiful countryside and I have worked with some fabulous photographers.

Touring in a motorhome is great fun but it also has it challenges as you can image, we have had, Power cuts, broken water pump, broken indicator, dodgy internet connection and some wet, I mean really wet weather (think I need to buy some wellies), all I can say is thank god I married an engineer who can fix things lol.

 All that said we are having a right laugh and I would recommend motor homing to anyone, the peaceful calmness you feel is unreal and the sense of adventure is one not to be missed.

Oh and Alf is loving it, He’s a right one ;)


Here is some of the work I have done since my tour started and we have only just begun, France and Spain to come yet ;)

Grosmont/ Goathland Railway Station Shoot with the Newcastle Lads.

Images by Karl Shaw

Ice Photography in York



The Crazy/Lovely Guys from Idollphamine in Leeds, Latex by Cathouse.

Carla Monaco

Thank you for reading, my next stop is London, then France and then on to Spain.

Look out for my casting.

Thank you for the support,

stay safe

Carla x x x

Happy New year, Best of 2012.

Happy New year and Best of 2012.

My last shoot of 2012 was at the Christmas camera club at arcphotos ( in Preston, it was probably one of The best camera clubs I have done. Everyone had a really good time, the energy was great, Myself and the brilliant Model Tinted Cream ( modelled for the night and what great fun it was.

Here are some images from the night :)


Snapshot by Mark Liebenberg of me and Crookie

Edwin Black, Paul Stuart and Donald Gibbs.

Christmas Time.

I had myself a merry little Christmas with my Adrian and Alf, which was just lovely and very special :).On the other hand  I thought I was rather clever buying Adrian a Playstation 3 for Christmas, I think I have lost him to the game lol, but then again he has been teaching me to kill zombies on call of duty, I have to admit I rather like it :) lol.


2012 was such a brilliant year for me, professionally, creatively and Personally.

I tend to not always look back once I have done something, I enjoy the experience at the time and then move on to the next project and adventure.

Being a new year and considering I have done so much in 2012, I have been looking back in my work from last year and I have chosen some of my favourite images to share with you.

Just a few of my favorite images of 2012 :)


Un-retouched, No make-up, just converted to black and white .
Unretouched, No Make-up, just converted to black and white :)



letting go

unedited image from my shoot with stefano brunesci x x x
Vogue italia
Shot by Jamie Cowlishaw in 'Chase Me'
This is my Oxygen mask from a operation that I had a few weeks ago, put to good use in a bit of art nude x x x
Nude Thinking
Eyewear Campaign

Taken by Trevor E.R.Yerbury
Taken by Madam Bink of Binkograhy :)
nude by crook

Taken by Faye Yerbury at The Yerbury Studio


Location shoot
Booted Ballet


The back
Merry Christmas from me, adrian and alf x x x


Adrian Crook
Zak Tyler
Iain Hamilton
Adrian Boardman
Jo Rutherford
Gary Hilll
Ian Austen
Stefano Brunesci
Jamie Cowlishaw
Bart Straszowski
Donald Gibbs
Trevor E.R.Yerbury
Faye Yerbury
Guy Carnegie
Bink Robertson

Thank you all for making 2012 such an amazing year for me.

New work

First shoot of the year was with Bartlomiej Starzowski and make-up artist Ces Bradbury shooting some beauty shots.

It is always a pleasure shooting with Bart and Ces as they are very professional, Talented and are very lovely people as well.

 I hope to do more beauty work this year as I really love the creativity that goes into them and also I appreciate the skill and hard work of the team involved. 


I wish you all

 a very Happy New Year,

 lots of love

Carla x x x










The Dream Team on Location xxx

Monday was an excellent day


 Photographer Adrian Crook,

 Stylist Ruby Henderson


Makeup Artist Jemma Stokes


The team had been organising this shoot since February,when Adrian first ask myself to test with him on a fashion shoot.

When Adrian first ask me he told me there would be some nudity involved (topless) at the time I had not done any topless or nude work so I was a little nervous but it was something I really wanted to do myself. The reason I wanted to start doing nude work in my modelling was because I felt it would expand my portfolio and push myself to get better as a fashion model. I think to be brave and confident with one’s body is very important in this industry as a model and I am extremely comfortable now doing nude work and my favorite nude modelling is fashion nude as I feel it is the most challenging and for me a lot more interesting.

The concept for the shoot was to created an editorial look on an industrial looking Location.

The style of the outfits was created by Ruby Henderson who is a Lancashire based Freelance wardorbe Stylist, specialising in Fashion and Creative styling. Ruby made A beautiful necklace out of Metal wires, melted bin-bags, chains, watches and jewelry. It was truly stunning and it was placed and sat on my chest, almost looking like a top, even though it was a necklace.

The make up was created by Jemma Stokes from Preston who gave me a heavy smokey eye and nude lips and flawless foundation that complimented the styling greatly and made the overall look dramatic and strong.

The location was in a derelict building in Preston which was just fantastic, there was so many places we could of shot and we were spoilt for choice really. Adrian spotted a place for me to stand first of all which to our luck had a sunspot shining down at the time. I quickly got up there and we shot only a few frames and we got the shot we wanted in a matter of minutes. This was just complete luck and timing really as the sun came just as we wanted it to and is shown through some breaking glass and gave us an amazing light to work with.

The next look was a white corset that Ruby made herself and styled, on one side it was cut below the breast, so I had my right breast on show, which gave the look a more edgy and high fashion feel, the detail on the corset was suburb and I truly loved wearing this piece. Jemma changed the style of the eye make up and gave me a ‘Mono-brow’ which actually worked so well as it made the look really different and futuristic, which was so cool and again different for myself.


I had so much fun on this shoot, It is so cool to work with so many talented people who get the job done but also have a giggle too :) I have been so lucky this past year, as I have worked with so many lovely and talented people, I truly am grateful as I have learnt so many wonderful things from each of them  :)  :)

‘The Dream Team’ were just fab on Monday and I will look forward to working with them all again soon, if they will have me that is lol x x x

Lots of Love

Carla x x x

Please check out Adrian’s website for the images on his location
Check out Ruby’s fashion blog on and her facebook page!/pages/Ruby-Noise-Wardrobe-Stylist/158335944177149 also  follow ruby on twittwe!/search/ruby%20noise
Follow jemma on twitter

Shoots, Sunshine, Beer and Slot day …

Hello everyone, I have had a great week and this weekend I have done some great new work, I can’t wait for you to see.

Saturday I shot at ARC studio’s with Adrian Crook, again lol, we did a glamour set and a more sensual sexy set.  Me and Adrian went out and shopped for the clothes and accessories to style the shoot. I think accessories are so important on shoots and I am learning more about styling with every shoot and creative person I meet.  I think shops like Primark are just great for shoots, you have so much variety and cost is inexpensive too, so its great for accessories such as, sunglasses, necklaces, rings, scarves etc and Primark is where we went lol.

The style of glamour we wanted to created was a more front/attitude style, which will involve more styling than a more sensual/sexy shoot in my opinion. Long socks, baseball cap, funky jewellery really makes the look. It gives it a more fashion edge which helps the overall look mean more and gives me as a model more to work with.

The next aspect is to work on the make-up look, when doing my own make-up I usually do it simple with big glossy lips, as most people I have worked with will know I love Brigitte Bardot and I love the effortlessness of her look. She made her eyes and lips stand out and kept everything else simple, with tousled hair, I still love this look but now I love to try new things with  different make-up, it makes it more fun and it is also important to be versatile as a working model.

 Yesterday I did my own make-up for the glamour shoot, I kept the base simple and used Revlon colorstay foundation in ivory, this is a great foundation for me and it looks natural but gives good coverage too. I used MUA  from superdrug eyeshadow palette to created my heavy smokey eyes which I also over eye-lined too. I don’t always use eyeliner but it gives me a very dramatic look and the more I practice, the better it’s getting, hopefully lol. I made my lips a deep pink and very glossy which some blush on cheeks. It took me about 20minutes to do the make-up and then on to shoot.

The shoot was great and flowed very well, Its great to sometimes let go of yourself and embrace being a woman and your own sexuality, it gives me confidence within myself and my own body. I love shooting when the music is playing too, you can just get into the movements of the tunes and go with it, and hopefully get the shots in there too :) .

The outcome of the shoot were some really cool images that are again different for my portfolio and expresses how I am changing as a model and growing as one too. Adrian is always brilliant to work with because he tells you the truth, if he doesn’t like a pose he will say and then push you to get better which I am completely grateful for as I always want to improve and learn.

Then today I shot a bridal shoot with Rob Georgeson and Nick English at Astley Hall in Chorely. Again complety different from the shoot with Adrian, I wasn’t naked and had a dress on, shock horror ha ha lol. It was a perfect day to shoot, the sun was beaming and well it was just lovely, Astley Hall is very beautiful and great for location and Vintage shoots-perfect for bridal. It was my first bridal shoot, so I was very excited indeed, which is probably a little sad lol, but its always fun to play the bride. After the shoot me Adrian and Ruby Henderson went down the pub to sit outside and have a beer, why not on a lovely day like this-Heaven :).

Also I have an up and coming slot day at ARC studio’s on the saturday 11th August starting from 10pm, first 4 hours are now sold, so get intouch asap as slots are going quick. I am modelling Fashion/glamour and Art Nude, £60 a slot, contact me or Adrian crook to book.

Enjoy the rest of the Sunshine everyone, I am going back out soon to see it :) :)


Carla x x x