Welcome to Remote Shoots

I am now able to offer remote shoots to photographer’s worldwide.

Great way to still work safely and creatively from you’re home to my home studio.

We can start a video call for commination either facebook/ Whatsapp are usually easiest.

Download Remote Desktop for Chrome. Its Free to Download

When we are ready to start – start up remote chrome with remote desktop extension. I will give you a code to log into my computer.


Once logged into my computer you will see “Capture One”

Above is the main screen of Capture One. If you are familiar with Capture One you can skip the next instruction.

Here you will see all the images you have taken along the bottom panel. In the main panel you will see an image you have selected to view large, this is very much like Adobe “Lightroom”

When you are ready to shoot you will click on the little camera Icon – indicated above in red. This is Live View.


Live View

In live view you will be able to see what the camera can see. 

Here you can compose your image (we will be talking to each other on a Facebook video call or similar)

1. At the top left of the live view window you press play/pause when you are ready to shoot. (see image) to pause the live view so the software can take the image. 

2. Press shutter release. An image will appear on the main screen.

3. You can check the image to see if the image looks correct. If NOT

4. You can adjust the camera setting f stop etc, below the shutter release button.

5. Once we are happy we can continue shoot.

6. un-pause live view to check composition then pause and shoot.

7. Once running smoothly you can use the video on Facebook to see the posing etc. All you need then to do is press the shutter release button. Adrian will be assisting, he will be able to change camera position and lighting for you. He will also be checking the computer to make sure everything is running as it should.

Both Screens – Capture One Desktop and Live View

This is how your screen will look most of the time.

Once you get into the swing of remote shooting you will find it easy to do.