90’s Back ‘Let me be your Fantasy’

Yesterday I woke up with an urge to try a new style on myself. I am always looking for something different to try as I have done so many styles over the years, so I can get bored doing the same stuff at times.  Also I believe if you have an idea in your head you should get it out and express while it is fresh, rather than leave it too late because sometimes the energy and passion has gone by then.

Fashion wise, I love the latest throw back to the 90’s, I’m a child of the 90’s and this was when I first discovered fashion/ film and music.


The 90’s was when supermodels like Cindy Crawford and Linda Evanglista-who famously said she wouldn’t get out of bed for less then £10,000 dollas a day.  When Winona Ryder and Gwen Stefani were style Icons and when we all watched Fresh Prince of Bell-Air. The Spice Girls were always number 1 on the top 40,  Clueless and The Craft were my favourite films, the decade smelled of CK One and when Cadbury’s Freddo’s where 10p, who remembers that ;).


So yesterday I styled my hair and make-up with a little hip-hop/Dance twist and a nod to the 90’s style and I absolutely love the images.

Adrian shot them yesterday morning for me and I am so pleased with how they turned out.

If I had to choose a song that goes with these images this would be it- Enjoy…


Let me be your Fantasy.

Photographer Adrian Crook

Model Carla Monaco

Hair/Make-up and Styling Carla Monaco



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Thanks for looking



Jeans, Trousers and Purple Rain.

Hello Everyone,

I have been away from my site now for some time, just getting back into my blogging and keeping you don’t up to date of my adventures.

Well I am back and posting some lovely cool images for you to enjoy.

This year has taken off to a great start for me, rammed packed with travels, bookings, shooting, filming and creativeness galore and that was only January.

One day I might come up for air… until then set your eyes on this super cool editorial by talented Photographer Kris Karl -

We shot this set a beginning of February at Scarlett door in Bracknell.

 One of my favourite styles to shoot, a bit of fashion mix with skin…

Simple styling, energy, expression, attitude, put the music on and let’s go ;)

Enjoy x

Photographer Kris Karl

Model Carla Monaco

 Jeans, Trousers and Purple Rain