Film, bed and me…

I had the pleasure of working with Brendan Gara at my home last wednesday. Brendan shoots with Film camera’s only, no digital. I have been shot with film many times and I really love the quality it brings to an image. I spoke to Brendan about why he likes using film so much and for him it is the overall process that suits his style and the spontaneity of developing the film for the final image.

The shoot was to be natural in posing and looks, nothing too posed but capturing me being sensual and free.

All these images were shot in a little spare bedroom at my home, using just natural light.

I think Brendan’s images are just beautiful and I would like to share them with you and please check out his work

Photographer Brendan Gara

Model Carla Monaco









Thank you for looking

Carla x


In bed at Coco…

Hello everyone,

Excuse me for not blogging  in a while, I have so much to blog about but finding the time to do so can be a real pain.

Anyway, I have some beautiful new images I would like to share with you.

A couple of weeks ago I did a studio weekend at the fantastic Coco Studios in Nottingham, it was my first visit to the studio and I had an amazing time. The studio is one of the best I have been too and I would highly recommend going if you are up in Nottingham :)

One of the best things about Coco was the amazing natural light coming out of the big window at the back. I shot this set with New School Photography who is brilliant to work with and he kindly sent me these little gems to share with you all.

I love working in Natural light, especially when it’s soft and gentle light like in these images. Great for natural posing and expressions :)

Hope you like the images

In Bed at Coco

Photographer newschool

Model Carla Monaco









Thanks for looking




I will be back at Coco in July for a workshop with Adrian Crook on the 3oth July and studio day 31st July, if you would like to attend either please get in touch :)


Carla Munich Nudes_068

Monaco meet Munich

A couple of weeks ago I went to Munich to model for Damien Lovegrove this was for 3 days of  Boudoir, Art nude and Studio lighting workshops.

I was initially planning to go to Munich a while back to work with amazing Radmila Kerl, a photographer who I met on Damien’s Fuerteventura workshop 2 years ago. Timing was an issue the previous years and we finally all came together again through facebook chat and a few messages here and there… and I was invited to fly out in March…great :)

It’s always exciting going abroad to model, especially with a team of people, there is a real buzz and excitement about working in a different country. You also feel a little bit anxious because you don’t know what to except from the people and you hope everyone likes you…however there was no need to worry at all as I couldn’t of asked to work with nicer people.

Even though I knew that I would be well looked after by Damien and Radmila, I didn’t expect to stay in such a wonderful hotel. The first 2 days of workshops we stayed just outside of Munich in the Leebreghorf Hotel in the Mountains. It was just heaven, right on the lake and over looking the most beautiful views of snow top mountains and hills. My hotel room was huge, the food was delicious and the staff  fantastic, just stunning.




The 3 days just flew and I want to say a big thank you to Damien for inviting me and for all your hard work, so grateful to you.

Thank you to the wonderful Radmila for looking after me and for just being an amazing person-hope to see you soon.

Thank you to beautiful Jessica for making me look good every day , I enjoyed your company so much and hope to see you again, maybe for Oktoberfest ;)

And to all the delegates who came and made it happen :) Thank you.



Here are a selection of images from the 3 days, enjoy.

Monaco Meet Munich

Photographer Damien Lovegrove

Model Carla Monaco

Hair and Make-up Jessica Schletter

Carla Munich Boudoir_008

Carla Munich Nudes_004

Carla Munich Boudoir_007

Carla Munich Boudoir_018

Carla Munich Boudoir_021

Carla Munich Boudoir_035

Carla Munich Boudoir_036

Carla Munich Boudoir_040

Carla Munich Boudoir_028

Carla Munich Nudes_027 (1)

Carla Munich Nudes_026

Carla Munich Boudoir_053

Carla Munich Boudoir_054

Carla Munich Boudoir_045

Carla Munich Boudoir_050

Carla Munich Nudes_032

Carla Munich Nudes_033

Carla Munich Nudes_068

Carla Munich Nudes_073

Carla Munich Studio_004

Carla Munich Studio_006

Carla Munich Studio_009

Carla Munich Studio_018

Carla Munich Studio_024

Carla Munich Studio_038

Carla Munich Studio_040

Thank you for looking

Carla x