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I am so pleased to bring to you these images from a fashion story we did a few weeks back. I am also stoked that they are now published on Stump Magazine in an exclusive editorial-i-am-warrior-nsfw

This day we shot 2 editorials, one was more fashion orientated (which I am dying to share with everyone) and ‘I AM WARRIOR’ being a  more fantasy/cinematic based story.

I worked with Adrian on coming up with the concept, we wanted to do something tribal and feral…a little nod to One Million Years BC but still remaining stylish and cool.  Bringing a character to life through the images, along with styling, hair/make-up and the right location was key.

Myself and Adrian found the perfect location, which could quiet possibly pass for a desert somewhere in America but no it’s in Wiltshire ;)

James Mcknight or The Dark Knight of make-up (as I like to call him) transformed me into a tribal warrior princess and was on hand at all times to keep me looking my best while in character. James make-up was amazing as usual and he brought the look together with skill and style.

The chain dress was made by Adrian’s fair hands himself.

 I have to say anything that is character based and dramatic is something I just love doing. I don’t get to do images like these ones often as you need a full team and there is usually a lot of planning that goes involved, it can take weeks or months in-fact to get the shoot off the ground. However they are always worth waiting for….

Hope you enjoy them.


Photographer Adrian Crook

Make-up James McKnight

Model Carla Monaco













Sweet Female Attitude

Last year I worked with more women than I have ever done before. I do tend to work with men more often, there seems to be more of a male presences in Photography and more male photographers hire models from my perspective, which is fine I love working men.

However it is always a joy to work with other women in this industry especially ones who support each other, I think this is really special and something to be encouraged amongst young women.

There is some sort of stereotype that models are bitchy with each other, slagging each other off at any opportunity they get but that hasn’t been my experience at all in this industry, I am not saying that bitchiness doesn’t go on ( we all know it does from time to time). All the Professional models I have met so far in all honesty have been hard working, professional young women who speak highly of each other and generally get along. The girls work dam hard,they don’t have time to gossip and moan about one another, they are too busy working. Models also help each other out, I myself have recommended other models for jobs, given contacts to girls for work and vice versa models have helped me out, I just think it’s the way to be, if we work together we can achieve so much more. It’s so nice to meet the other girls, last year was great because I got to meet and chat to a lot more although this isn’t an often occurrence. Sometimes I just bump into a model when she is leaving a studio and its just a ‘Hi-Bye’ sort of thing. I consider it a treat to meet another girls and have a good chat with them, girls who do the same job as me, travel as much as I do and who are away from home as much as I am. Models are probably the only ones who know exactly how I feel in this industry. I suppose because we are all spread out and trying to tell our own stories and promoting ourselves that we are considered competition with each other, I never feel that way. Everyone is different and unique with something of the own to offer a client/photographer.

 Also working with more female photographers has been fantastic, though I treat male/female photographers the same. It is nice to be photographed by a woman from time to time. Women have a different approach to photographing other women and I feel as the industry is dominated by men it always a refreshing change when a woman takes my image. I know from my own point of view in my photography (, it can seem intimidating for a woman to take charge, pick up a camera and created her own work as well as promoting it in this male dominated arena.  That’s why I love seeing woman strive in this industry… it inspires me to do the same.

So I am feeling all ‘Sister’s are doing it for themselves’ aren’t I lol …(cue Aretha and Annie)


I am going to share the work of a lovely young talented Female Photographer called Jamila I worked with last month.

I love these lush images from Jamila.. she captures a women’s sexiness, vulnerability but yet the model still looks strong.. I love that… watch out for more of her work in the future.

Thanks for reading

Stay Safe

Carla x

Sweet Female Attitude 

Photographer Jamila

Model Carla Monaco

JPCarlaWm-0515 JPCarlaWm-0517 JPCarlaWm-0520 JPCarlaWm-0522

JPCarlaWm-0236 JPCarlaWm-0243 JPCarlaWm-0244


Jeans, Trousers and Purple Rain.

Hello Everyone,

I have been away from my site now for some time, just getting back into my blogging and keeping you don’t up to date of my adventures.

Well I am back and posting some lovely cool images for you to enjoy.

This year has taken off to a great start for me, rammed packed with travels, bookings, shooting, filming and creativeness galore and that was only January.

One day I might come up for air… until then set your eyes on this super cool editorial by talented Photographer Kris Karl -

We shot this set a beginning of February at Scarlett door in Bracknell.

 One of my favourite styles to shoot, a bit of fashion mix with skin…

Simple styling, energy, expression, attitude, put the music on and let’s go ;)

Enjoy x

Photographer Kris Karl

Model Carla Monaco

 Jeans, Trousers and Purple Rain