Street Fashion Workshop



  Hello Everyone,

Just dropping by to share some images I shot over last weekend in Liverpool and The Wirral on Adrian Crook’s Street Fashion workshop.

We had a great 2 days, the weather was rather worrying as it was predicted rain all over the weekend :( .However me and Adrian have done many street fashion shoots and we know to just go with it and work around the weather and also use it to your benefit.

Even though it did rain from time to time we still managed to shoot most of the day, using a mix of the streets and a derelict location found by Adrian.

We all came away with some great images.

These images are from Chris Sou who came over from Belgium to join us on this workshop.

Styling was kept simple, black and clean lines for the streets which also worked well for the derelict location, making for a great contrast.

Hope you enjoy looking through these images by Chris Sou and if you would like to join me and Adrian on future workshops please email and visit


Carla x


















DSCF8793 13312869_1011895218879878_5950420670671582876_n



Dropping in to say ‘Hi’…

Hey everyone,

I haven’t blogged in a while (feel like I always open with that line) Just been busy buzzing around working, catching trains, being glued to my phone and making the odd picture ;)

I am just gearing up for my trip to Plymouth this week and you know getting all my bits and bobs sorted out, (that reminds me I need a new suitcase lol)

 Going to keep it short and sweet but leaving you with an array of some of my favourite images taken over the last few months…

So just dropping in to say …’Hi’…stay safe and hope you enjoy the images :)




Adrian Crook Makeup James Mcknight


Me in Make-up with James


Adrian Crook Paris


Me and Kitty



Kitty Cohen


Peter Van Geest


Mario Maganda


Me and model friends, Zoi, Ananda, Nirmala, Fredua in the Netherlands :)




Tony Ornstien



Patrick Roux


Owen Lloyd


Richard Awbery


Martin Higgs

Designer Head Piece Jacq Brill
Stylist Jean Fernand
Stylist Assistant Patrice Hall
Hair Dylan Jack McConnachie
Make up Sonya Kaur 


Faye Yerbury


Ian Clark


Bob Zieste

Stylist Jean FernandMua
Make Up Jean Fernand
Stylist Assistant Patrice Hall
Hair Dylan Dylan Jack McConnachie


Simon Ng


BTS Liverpool group shoot

11724754_10153032646785886_44669765_o (1)

Geoff Barnett


Cheers..Enjoy the summer :)


The New Classic

Hello everyone…Hope your enjoying the bank holiday weekend :) I’ve got a couple days off myself, enough time so I can do the cleaning, washing, shopping and being a normal person before I head off to Holland next week..yay.

I have had so much fun working the last 2 months, it’s been a little full-on… however I have enjoyed it immensely. I have even got to work alongside some other beautiful models which has been fantastic and I look forward in sharing the images with you all soon.

Going to keep this one short and sweet and share a lush fashion story by the talented Jamila Photography.

We shot this set earlier in the year and I am so pleased with how it has turned out. I always say you can’t go wrong with simple styling, some people have said to me ‘why do you wear suits and black a lot?’ well …because it looks good ;)


The New Classic

Photographer Jamila Photography

Model/ Styling Carla Monaco






Carla Munich Nudes_068

Monaco meet Munich

A couple of weeks ago I went to Munich to model for Damien Lovegrove this was for 3 days of  Boudoir, Art nude and Studio lighting workshops.

I was initially planning to go to Munich a while back to work with amazing Radmila Kerl, a photographer who I met on Damien’s Fuerteventura workshop 2 years ago. Timing was an issue the previous years and we finally all came together again through facebook chat and a few messages here and there… and I was invited to fly out in March…great :)

It’s always exciting going abroad to model, especially with a team of people, there is a real buzz and excitement about working in a different country. You also feel a little bit anxious because you don’t know what to except from the people and you hope everyone likes you…however there was no need to worry at all as I couldn’t of asked to work with nicer people.

Even though I knew that I would be well looked after by Damien and Radmila, I didn’t expect to stay in such a wonderful hotel. The first 2 days of workshops we stayed just outside of Munich in the Leebreghorf Hotel in the Mountains. It was just heaven, right on the lake and over looking the most beautiful views of snow top mountains and hills. My hotel room was huge, the food was delicious and the staff  fantastic, just stunning.




The 3 days just flew and I want to say a big thank you to Damien for inviting me and for all your hard work, so grateful to you.

Thank you to the wonderful Radmila for looking after me and for just being an amazing person-hope to see you soon.

Thank you to beautiful Jessica for making me look good every day , I enjoyed your company so much and hope to see you again, maybe for Oktoberfest ;)

And to all the delegates who came and made it happen :) Thank you.



Here are a selection of images from the 3 days, enjoy.

Monaco Meet Munich

Photographer Damien Lovegrove

Model Carla Monaco

Hair and Make-up Jessica Schletter

Carla Munich Boudoir_008

Carla Munich Nudes_004

Carla Munich Boudoir_007

Carla Munich Boudoir_018

Carla Munich Boudoir_021

Carla Munich Boudoir_035

Carla Munich Boudoir_036

Carla Munich Boudoir_040

Carla Munich Boudoir_028

Carla Munich Nudes_027 (1)

Carla Munich Nudes_026

Carla Munich Boudoir_053

Carla Munich Boudoir_054

Carla Munich Boudoir_045

Carla Munich Boudoir_050

Carla Munich Nudes_032

Carla Munich Nudes_033

Carla Munich Nudes_068

Carla Munich Nudes_073

Carla Munich Studio_004

Carla Munich Studio_006

Carla Munich Studio_009

Carla Munich Studio_018

Carla Munich Studio_024

Carla Munich Studio_038

Carla Munich Studio_040

Thank you for looking

Carla x


90’s Back ‘Let me be your Fantasy’

Yesterday I woke up with an urge to try a new style on myself. I am always looking for something different to try as I have done so many styles over the years, so I can get bored doing the same stuff at times.  Also I believe if you have an idea in your head you should get it out and express while it is fresh, rather than leave it too late because sometimes the energy and passion has gone by then.

Fashion wise, I love the latest throw back to the 90’s, I’m a child of the 90’s and this was when I first discovered fashion/ film and music.


The 90’s was when supermodels like Cindy Crawford and Linda Evanglista-who famously said she wouldn’t get out of bed for less then £10,000 dollas a day.  When Winona Ryder and Gwen Stefani were style Icons and when we all watched Fresh Prince of Bell-Air. The Spice Girls were always number 1 on the top 40,  Clueless and The Craft were my favourite films, the decade smelled of CK One and when Cadbury’s Freddo’s where 10p, who remembers that ;).


So yesterday I styled my hair and make-up with a little hip-hop/Dance twist and a nod to the 90’s style and I absolutely love the images.

Adrian shot them yesterday morning for me and I am so pleased with how they turned out.

If I had to choose a song that goes with these images this would be it- Enjoy…


Let me be your Fantasy.

Photographer Adrian Crook

Model Carla Monaco

Hair/Make-up and Styling Carla Monaco



11125692_10152821909660886_697895163_o (1)

11131015_10152821909645886_2065686406_o (1)

11097218_10152821909635886_340266169_o (1)


Thanks for looking