Fun in Wales

Fun in Wales

Last week I spent 4  fantastic days working in South Wales on Paul’s Studio events ‘Wales weekend’.

Working alongside some of the UK’s top models including Artemis Fauna Rosa Brighid Ayla Rose Amelie Alden Roseanne Elizabeth Sammy G, I was in great company indeed.

It was just the best to meet and spend time with fellow models, hope to do more of it next year :)

I had such a fantastic time with models and photographer’s, great company, great location, great food, wine and lots of fab images.

Special thank you to Paul and Phil for all your hard work and organising this event.

Here are a collection of some of the images from the event so far….most are funny ones and selfies, will share the pro images soon :)



Oliver Fox


Pinky ;)



Selfie’s are us ;)

Sarah Perky 150907a

Artemis with Miss Pinky


Auditioning for Country file ;)



Embarrassing the young locals ;)

Thanks to Phil Knott for the BTS Shots

Thanks for looking


Carla xx


Dropping in to say ‘Hi’…

Hey everyone,

I haven’t blogged in a while (feel like I always open with that line) Just been busy buzzing around working, catching trains, being glued to my phone and making the odd picture ;)

I am just gearing up for my trip to Plymouth this week and you know getting all my bits and bobs sorted out, (that reminds me I need a new suitcase lol)

 Going to keep it short and sweet but leaving you with an array of some of my favourite images taken over the last few months…

So just dropping in to say …’Hi’…stay safe and hope you enjoy the images :)




Adrian Crook Makeup James Mcknight


Me in Make-up with James


Adrian Crook Paris


Me and Kitty



Kitty Cohen


Peter Van Geest


Mario Maganda


Me and model friends, Zoi, Ananda, Nirmala, Fredua in the Netherlands :)




Tony Ornstien



Patrick Roux


Owen Lloyd


Richard Awbery


Martin Higgs

Designer Head Piece Jacq Brill
Stylist Jean Fernand
Stylist Assistant Patrice Hall
Hair Dylan Jack McConnachie
Make up Sonya Kaur 


Faye Yerbury


Ian Clark


Bob Zieste

Stylist Jean FernandMua
Make Up Jean Fernand
Stylist Assistant Patrice Hall
Hair Dylan Dylan Jack McConnachie


Simon Ng


BTS Liverpool group shoot

11724754_10153032646785886_44669765_o (1)

Geoff Barnett


Cheers..Enjoy the summer :)


The New Classic

Hello everyone…Hope your enjoying the bank holiday weekend :) I’ve got a couple days off myself, enough time so I can do the cleaning, washing, shopping and being a normal person before I head off to Holland next week..yay.

I have had so much fun working the last 2 months, it’s been a little full-on… however I have enjoyed it immensely. I have even got to work alongside some other beautiful models which has been fantastic and I look forward in sharing the images with you all soon.

Going to keep this one short and sweet and share a lush fashion story by the talented Jamila Photography.

We shot this set earlier in the year and I am so pleased with how it has turned out. I always say you can’t go wrong with simple styling, some people have said to me ‘why do you wear suits and black a lot?’ well …because it looks good ;)


The New Classic

Photographer Jamila Photography

Model/ Styling Carla Monaco






Carla Munich Nudes_068

Monaco meet Munich

A couple of weeks ago I went to Munich to model for Damien Lovegrove this was for 3 days of  Boudoir, Art nude and Studio lighting workshops.

I was initially planning to go to Munich a while back to work with amazing Radmila Kerl, a photographer who I met on Damien’s Fuerteventura workshop 2 years ago. Timing was an issue the previous years and we finally all came together again through facebook chat and a few messages here and there… and I was invited to fly out in March…great :)

It’s always exciting going abroad to model, especially with a team of people, there is a real buzz and excitement about working in a different country. You also feel a little bit anxious because you don’t know what to except from the people and you hope everyone likes you…however there was no need to worry at all as I couldn’t of asked to work with nicer people.

Even though I knew that I would be well looked after by Damien and Radmila, I didn’t expect to stay in such a wonderful hotel. The first 2 days of workshops we stayed just outside of Munich in the Leebreghorf Hotel in the Mountains. It was just heaven, right on the lake and over looking the most beautiful views of snow top mountains and hills. My hotel room was huge, the food was delicious and the staff  fantastic, just stunning.




The 3 days just flew and I want to say a big thank you to Damien for inviting me and for all your hard work, so grateful to you.

Thank you to the wonderful Radmila for looking after me and for just being an amazing person-hope to see you soon.

Thank you to beautiful Jessica for making me look good every day , I enjoyed your company so much and hope to see you again, maybe for Oktoberfest ;)

And to all the delegates who came and made it happen :) Thank you.



Here are a selection of images from the 3 days, enjoy.

Monaco Meet Munich

Photographer Damien Lovegrove

Model Carla Monaco

Hair and Make-up Jessica Schletter

Carla Munich Boudoir_008

Carla Munich Nudes_004

Carla Munich Boudoir_007

Carla Munich Boudoir_018

Carla Munich Boudoir_021

Carla Munich Boudoir_035

Carla Munich Boudoir_036

Carla Munich Boudoir_040

Carla Munich Boudoir_028

Carla Munich Nudes_027 (1)

Carla Munich Nudes_026

Carla Munich Boudoir_053

Carla Munich Boudoir_054

Carla Munich Boudoir_045

Carla Munich Boudoir_050

Carla Munich Nudes_032

Carla Munich Nudes_033

Carla Munich Nudes_068

Carla Munich Nudes_073

Carla Munich Studio_004

Carla Munich Studio_006

Carla Munich Studio_009

Carla Munich Studio_018

Carla Munich Studio_024

Carla Munich Studio_038

Carla Munich Studio_040

Thank you for looking

Carla x


Sweet Female Attitude

Last year I worked with more women than I have ever done before. I do tend to work with men more often, there seems to be more of a male presences in Photography and more male photographers hire models from my perspective, which is fine I love working men.

However it is always a joy to work with other women in this industry especially ones who support each other, I think this is really special and something to be encouraged amongst young women.

There is some sort of stereotype that models are bitchy with each other, slagging each other off at any opportunity they get but that hasn’t been my experience at all in this industry, I am not saying that bitchiness doesn’t go on ( we all know it does from time to time). All the Professional models I have met so far in all honesty have been hard working, professional young women who speak highly of each other and generally get along. The girls work dam hard,they don’t have time to gossip and moan about one another, they are too busy working. Models also help each other out, I myself have recommended other models for jobs, given contacts to girls for work and vice versa models have helped me out, I just think it’s the way to be, if we work together we can achieve so much more. It’s so nice to meet the other girls, last year was great because I got to meet and chat to a lot more although this isn’t an often occurrence. Sometimes I just bump into a model when she is leaving a studio and its just a ‘Hi-Bye’ sort of thing. I consider it a treat to meet another girls and have a good chat with them, girls who do the same job as me, travel as much as I do and who are away from home as much as I am. Models are probably the only ones who know exactly how I feel in this industry. I suppose because we are all spread out and trying to tell our own stories and promoting ourselves that we are considered competition with each other, I never feel that way. Everyone is different and unique with something of the own to offer a client/photographer.

 Also working with more female photographers has been fantastic, though I treat male/female photographers the same. It is nice to be photographed by a woman from time to time. Women have a different approach to photographing other women and I feel as the industry is dominated by men it always a refreshing change when a woman takes my image. I know from my own point of view in my photography (, it can seem intimidating for a woman to take charge, pick up a camera and created her own work as well as promoting it in this male dominated arena.  That’s why I love seeing woman strive in this industry… it inspires me to do the same.

So I am feeling all ‘Sister’s are doing it for themselves’ aren’t I lol …(cue Aretha and Annie)


I am going to share the work of a lovely young talented Female Photographer called Jamila I worked with last month.

I love these lush images from Jamila.. she captures a women’s sexiness, vulnerability but yet the model still looks strong.. I love that… watch out for more of her work in the future.

Thanks for reading

Stay Safe

Carla x

Sweet Female Attitude 

Photographer Jamila

Model Carla Monaco

JPCarlaWm-0515 JPCarlaWm-0517 JPCarlaWm-0520 JPCarlaWm-0522

JPCarlaWm-0236 JPCarlaWm-0243 JPCarlaWm-0244


I sometimes do ‘DIY’ …..

Even though I have worked with some amazing make-up artist and hair/stylist, I have often done my own make-up and hair for shoots. especially the ones for private projects.

This is usually for different reasons but mostly because of timing and trying to arrange dates with other creative’s can be tricky, schedules collide so over time I have leant to do my own make-up to a good standard for the work I do.

One of the biggest compliments I have had on my work was from a commercial shoot I did in London last year. The photographer on the job mentioned two images I did with Stefano Brunesci and Adrian Crook. One was the ‘Dark’ Image and the other ‘Eye wear’ 



Eye wear 


He said’ they are amazing images, who was the team on the days, I bet you had a whole team of creative’s working along side you to created those looks’, I laughed to myself and told him that it was just me and the photographer that was all. I felt quite smug that some of the work I have done is considered much more than it actually was.

I am a big fan of keeping things simple and not over doing it, I know how I can look my best and I am always learning new tricks and techniques along the way.

I did the make-up below last week for mine and Adrian’s DARK FASHION image for our upcoming workshop.

I did go a little adventurous on this which is not normally what I would do but I was very happy with the results and Adrian approved too which is cool :)  if Adrian doesn’t like something he tells me straight lol he is not shy about that.

So I was very happy with this look and I hope to do more in this similar style.

The power of the make-up brush.





The Shot


Here are a few other images which I have done my own hair /make-up and styling on.
























Thank you for looking

More of my work can be seen on my Facebook page/Twitter and instagram which I update regularly



Carla x x x


‘I wish I was Old Hollywood’

I worked on this lovely Hollywood lighting workshop for Photographer John Tuckey earlier this month.

Any chance I get to do  vintage work I throw myself into it, I just love old Hollywood style of lighting, Hair, Make-up, style. It is timeless and beautiful and a style that can always be adapted to contemporary fashion.

 I did my own hair and Make-up for this shoot and Clothes were provide by John Tuckey from Various vintage outlets he has sourced. 

Images are by Photographer Tim Steele who attended the workshop day and he has produced some fabulous images I thought I would share with you.

Hope you enjoy.

‘I wish I was Old Hollywood’

Photographer Tim Steele


Model Carla Monaco -

Hair and Make-up Carla Monaco

Taken on JRT Vintage Workshop





Behind the Scenes.






Thank you looking

Carla x




Family, Life and Work.

I will start by saying , ‘Happy New Year to you all’.

2013 was a great year for me I did so much and I don’t feel I have stopped, I think because I love my job so much it doesn’t feel like work for me at times.

I am always grateful to all the photographers who book me for work and continue to support my career.

To all I have worked with in 2013 thank you for making it a great year for me.

My Christmas and New Year was a bittersweet one as we lost our beautiful dog Alf on the 21st of December.  Alf was a big part of our lives and especially Adrian’s so it was a big loss and made Christmas feel empty, but we made the most of it and will always have our memories of the big cuddly monster xx


I returned to  the Uk from Spain on the 2nd January , I spent more time with my family and friends on this trip back as I didn’t see any of them throughout Christmas and new year period, so I made the most of it.  I love going back to Liverpool to see my mum and dad, they never change at all and as soon as I get in, it’s a cup of tea in one hand and a cheese sandwich in the other without even asking lol.

What my family are actually like, I am not even joking, I love them so ;)

I had my first shoot of the year with the lovely John Gannon and Make-up artist Sarah Waterfield in Winsford, Cheshire.

I have worked with John and Sarah a few times now and we always get on like a house on fire, I enjoy shooting at John’s studio as it’s in his home, which makes it very comfortable and cosy. John’s a great host and Sarah is always good for a good natter and is wonderful with the make-up brush :).

I am lucky that John allowed me to edit some of his images from our shoot together. I am slowly learning editing and retouching, I find it relaxing and very enjoyable for some reason; hopefully I will get better with time, watch this space ;)

Here are some images we created at John’s studio -

Sarah waterfield-

Post processing- Me




I had another delightful shoot with the lovely Iain Hamilton  last Tuesday; it was great to catch up with Iain, he shot me when I first started modelling 2 years ago. It was funny to look back on the last two years and remember all the good times and what I use to be like.

I recall Iain saying to me last week,  ‘You said you would never do nude’  How things Change ;)

As well as reminiscing we also created some lovely images at Iain’s studio.

Beautiful art nudes and Fashion.

Photographer Iain Hamilton




On the weekend I worked with the delightful John Tuckey of JRT Vinatge.

John creates lovely images with a strong vintage feel to them; it was such fun making some vintage images again.

I use to do vintage work a lot when I first started modelling and I don’t always get the opportunity to do this type of work, so it was great to work on a vintage shoot again.

Here are some images we created over the weekend.





And here I am back in Spain, enjoying time with my Crookie and the warmer weather: )


Back in the uk on the 19th for my southwest tour,

see all you guys soon.

Take care

Carla xx