Please send me a message to make an enquiry or make a booking.

Please include as much information as possible including

  •  Date
  • Time
  • How many hours you require
  • location
  • Style of shoot
  • Contact Number

Email address to contact also

Thank you.


 Booking information.

My rates are reasonable and non-negotiable.

please enquire for my rates 

Commercial bookings please get in-touch with my agency-

Travel expenses must be covered unless I am working close to my home or I am on a working tour of your area.

I will require short breaks whilst shooting to freshens up and rest, don’t worry I am not a lazy model, far from it but one who knows that if you over work me then the images won’t look as good and it is only respectful and fair to let me rest and touch up during shooting. This is especially important on studio days or full day bookings. 

Therefore I can give you 100% and the up most energy you require for your project.

Please also ensure that when booking a studio that it is warm, especially in winter- A cold model is not a happy one…

If you want to re-arrange or cancel a booking please contact me as soon as possible..

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